Inside Guy Manuel de Homem Christo of the Daft Punk. French Touch electro fun facts drawing.

music portrait explained

Not easy to recognize him on T.V shows as he always wears a helmet. Here is a picture of him in his younger days without the Daft Punk Helmet.

Daft Punk is a French duo specialized in electronic music. The band is composed by robots Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter.

And inside, it's his biography, plenty of fun facts, daft punk stories with a french touch. Here are fun facts about him and the Daft Punk, from a French point of view.

guy manuel de homem christo biography by drawinside

Here is a closer view of the french story of Guy-Man. Come with me have a tour inside the pyramid! The biographic portrait of the Daft Punk with Helmets is here.

It's a long family name, but it's actually longer!

guy man is the short for guillaume emmanuelNo kidding, his full name on his ID card is Guillaume Emmanuel Paul de Homem-Christo. No link with any royal blood (but there are unconfirmed rumors...) or french upper class. His grandparents are from Portugal, they love long names there! He grew up in Paris in the '70s and '80s and at this time, composed names and nicknames were very common: Jean Pierre = J.P (so french) , Francois-Xavier= F.X (effectively good) , Guillaume-Emmanuel = GE (no good) then Guy Man (Cool) or even Pierre-Emmanuel (everybody called me P.E when I was young).

If you recognize him, don't expect to get an autograph from him, he just doesn't write an autograph: French neighbors of him asked and he said he refuses to do so. His choice!

 The "not so short" guy of the Band: height of 1.70cm / 5′ 6.9291″

thomas bangalter guy manuel de homem christo daft punk get lucky

So if the two guys wear helmets, wich one is de Homem Christo? The answer is easy :

he is the shortest guy of the Duo (Bangalter is tall actually: 1.88m)! Other clues are: he can drum and plays the guitar. hand his helmet is round-shaped and long blond hair beneath.

From a famous high school in Paris: Lycée Carnot

daft punk met at the famous lycee carnot school in parisThomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo met in 1987 while attending the Lycée Carnot, a secondary school in Paris. It's a famous school as plenty of famous french attends this one :

Jean-Louis Aubert & Louis Bertignac (french Band "Telephone"), Jean Reno (Leon the professional), Jacques Chirac (French president)


The British Bad Review

bad review a daft punky trash musicThe two frogs got a negative review in "Melody Maker".
Review was signed by Dave Jennings and express the music as “a daft punky thrash.”
Not sure if the two Frenchies got the sense of this critic (was it genuinely good or absolutely bad ?) - When you are french, you may never learn the word "daft" but crazy, mad, fool instead.
When trying to translating the "Daft" word, they did enjoy this new word of vocabulary and couldn't dream of a better idea for a band name.
The Daft Punk was born!

Made in France

daft punk in parisIf you expect well-written-in-English lyrics from a French band with french lyricist, you'll be disappointed. They are not here for the literature side but for the Music. and French usually speak a mixture of English and North American Language. 


They did follow famous non-English native bands for success.


Easy words, loops, repeat and repeat and you'll get world hit. For example, Silver Convention makes the concept of the "4 words song "Get up and boogie !".

The shortest, the Better: the "4 words song": "Harder Better Faster Stronger"

harder better faster stronger song daft punkThe classic 4 words song with a common final "ER". The clip was made with black marker on the fingers of a bare hand.

So french Touch!

Why no words on the last finger? because it's almost impossible to bend this one without bending the other ones. (just try it, if you can do it, you may be a robot !).



The shortest lyrics "Around the world"

around the world clip with skeletonsThey made it with 3 words, yes, they did it ! and because it's the same words again and again and again, this song got ranked first in the highest rate in compressibility according to this amazing study.

Here is a link to the clip to understand why skeletons, dancing legs and Over-headed men are walking around.

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