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beauceron dog to serve and protect the farm
beauceron illustration drawing detail
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beauceron is a true guard dog to protect and serve at the farm


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A portrait of the French Breed Beauceron, with plenty of details inside his drawing with the Herding Dog. If you get closer, you will see theses stories :

- The Beauceron is a French herding dog breed with origins in the center of France, this area is called "La Beauce"
- In the past, Beauceron would help farmers: To Serve and Protect the Farm!
- Both guarding and herding sheep, it was also very useful against wolves
- An 18th-century book mention: a daring mastiff capable of attacking and defeating a wolf on its own.
- A unique characteristic of this breed is the double dewclaws on the back legs.
- These are required by the breed standard as a sign of a true Beauceron.
- Some folks say it goes back to the early days of the breed: it gives more grip when herding a flock of sheep.
- and some mechanic skills are needed to keep this vintage classic on its two legs.
- While Beauceron is short-haired, he has a long-haired brother coming from the "Brie" Area: called the Briard
- This dog is also known as Berger de Beauce or Bas Rouge which can be translated as "red stockings"
- The most common color is black and tan, just like the Rottweiler and Doberman :
- theses two breeds have Beauceron blood in it.
- It could be a mix of two dogs: The german shepherd, without health problems, and the Rottweiler in a lighter version!
- The breed has deep roots as a watchdog and is a very diligent guardian of the house
- But is although patient and protective with children, making him a great family Dog.
- As a very intelligent dog, It needs a disciplined master who knows how to train such a dog.
- They are used quite successfully as "land mine" detection dogs or for "Search and Rescue" works.
- It's a sensitive dog which displays an extreme sense of loyalty that illustrate the french saying :
- Once a Beauceron, always a Beauceron

Hand-drawn and printed on matt art paper. Easy to frame, this hand-signed and numbered print will be a great discussion starter!

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- Hand-signed and hand-numbered at the front
- Open Edition giclée print.
- Printed on high quality 210 gsm paper or 120 gsm for rolled pictures
- Frame not included
- Fast processing, i go to the post office every day.

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