Captain haddock ink drawing
Captain haddock poster from the tintin adventures
captain haddock ink doodles portrait with the expletives
captain haddock doodle scribble curses barnacles

Captain Haddock - the expletives

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A portrait of Captain Haddock with doodles inside the print. Plenty of details about his expletives :

Originaly made from the french version, here are those you can find in his portrait.

Abecedarians, Aborigine, Alcoholic, Anachronisms, Antediluvian, bulldozer, Anthropophagus, Autocrats, Aztecs.

Baboons, Bagpipers, Bandits, Bashi-bazouks, Bath-tub Admiral, Big-head, Black beetles ,Black ,Marketers, Brigands

Cannibals, Carpetsellers, Caterpillars, Centipede, Coconut, Colocynths, Corsair, Cro-Magnon,

Diplodocus, Doryphore, Dynamiter, Ectoplasms, Freshwater pirate, Gangsters, Gyroscope, Harlequin, Heretic, hydrocarbon, Idiots, mitation Incas, Logarithim, Macrocephalic baboon, Megacycle, Mameluke, Miserable, Miserable earth worms,guided missles, Moujiks, Orangoutang, Pirates, Pyromaniac, Rats, Savages, Scorpion, Slavertrader, Sparrows, Technocrat, typhoons, Vegetarian, Vermicellis, Viper, Wildcat, Young monkey...

Hand-drawn and printed on matt art paper. Easy to frame, this hand-signed and numbered print will be a great discussion starter!

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- Hand-signed and hand-numbered at the front
- Open Edition giclée print.
- Printed on high quality 210 gsm paper or 120 gsm for rolled pictures
- Frame not included
- Fast processing, i go to the post office every day.


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