This is the collection of dog breeds prints with my own style: made of little drawings inside the silhouette, just like doodles but telling stories. I try to bring the dog characteristics to life while drawing them.

I usually do research before drawing the breed and try to keep the most peculiar traits of each breed and bring them in a fun black and white version.

I usually draw in a funny manner, with humor but always trying to draw Real things, approved by dog owners and breeders. A Wikipedia but cheeky: Cheekypedia!

I do have a dog myself so it helps for drawing them and the dog drawings started like this when trying to find what was my crossed breed dog. (It's a Dalmatian X labrador: a Dalmabrador or Labratian)

Original drawings are hand made with ink on paper. Just black on white.

For the prints, I print them on demand by myself with professional printers. All the copies are hand signed and hand-numbered on the front and back.

I also do light customization on theses prints with the custom dog print available in a3 size, featuring 4-5 details you want to put inside like dog's name or special ability.