Rottweiler dog breed print
Rottweiler black and white silouhette art print by drawinside
rottweiler doodle art drawing by pierre emmanuel drawinside
Rottweiler is from rotteil, germany. dog made for schutzehund


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A portrait of the Rottweiler with doodles inside the print. Plenty of details about the dog from Rottweil, Germany :

This is a strong dog called the butcher's dog, as it was used for cattle herding. At ease with sheep, this dog can herd very stubborn cattle, it was then used for pulling cart. It is very intelligent but very strong, it needs education and it is not an option!

He is a (very) good guarding dog, needs a lot of exercise and brain sport, so it is very good at schutzhund, people will look at this dog, but owners know it and love their dog!

Hand-drawn and printed on matt art paper. Easy to frame, this hand-signed and numbered print will be a great discussion starter!

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- Hand-signed and hand-numbered at the front
- Open Edition giclée print.
- Printed on high quality 210 gsm paper or 120 gsm for rolled pictures
- Frame not included
- Fast processing, i go to the post office every day.

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