Due to high demand in the music collection i decided to build this category specialized in rock icons. Could be singer, drummers, guitarist, bassist or keyboard masters, i love to showcase theses people that rock our days and nights.

When drawing the characters, i don't apply specific filter on it. I stick to the biography, try to have recent news and try to find out if it's legend or true story. (Not always easy but i'm curious and love to find out the real story).

I did some Rock bands like Metallica, Gun's Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, the Eagles Queen, The Who, rolling Stones, ACDC (part), Pink Floyd, Oasis, Kiss, Frontman brandon flowers, Lemmy Kilmister, Alex turner from the Arctic Monkeys, Bowie, Hendrix, and so on..

If you con't find your dream print here, you can ask me to put it on my -to-draw-list and wil lcontact you once finished. If i start a member of a band, i usually try to draw the other ones of the band. so you can get you favorite set by choosing your perfect line up.

My little drawings are made in a funny way, but stick to real story, and have a special preference for iluustrating album name in a funny way ang bringing fun facts on first plan.

All pictures are first hand made with no special preliminary sketches. It took me from 2 to 3 hours to achieve an art piece while listening the songs of the band on the web. It inspipre me a lot !