Schnauzer doginside dog is in the detail
Schnauzer portrait of the breed by drawinside
Schnauzer is a bearded dog with doodles inside the print
Schnauzer is a amusing dog always ready to please you


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A Schnauzer print with tail and undocked ears, famous for his beard and comes in different sizes: Giant, standard, and miniature.

These dogs are good at guarding your home and clean stables, especially rats and cats. High I.Q and high-level energy, they are working dogs, so a bunch of sheep and vermine will keep him busy.

Hand-drawn and printed on matt art paper. Easy to frame, this hand-signed and numbered print will be a great discussion starter!

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- Hand-signed and hand-numbered at the front
- Open Edition giclée print.
- Printed on high quality 210 gsm paper or 120 gsm for rolled pictures
- Frame not included
- Fast processing, i go to the post office every day.

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