9 Drawing Facts About Frederic Chopin : a Biography portrait

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Here is a biography of Frederic Chopin illustrated into a biographical drawing : plenty of fun facts details inside his portrait.

frederic chopin art print framed biography drawing

Embark into the life of polish and french music composer : romantic piano player Frédéric Chopin.

  • a talented and shy musician
  • The not "love at first sight " with George Sand
  • It's life in Paris aka Pianopolis in 19th Century
  • Dealing all his life with health issues


Here are 9 illustrated facts you may not know about the legendary Chopin, with hand illustrated details, creating the portrait of the genius.

    1.Because Chopin was shy, he played the piano in the dark

        In it's life, Fryderyk Chopin only gave around  thirty public performances. It's mostly because he was shy and loved the intimacy of the salon.

        3-frederic chopin played piano in the dark because he was shy

        Chopin played the piano in the dark throughout his entire life. He would always put out the candles in the room, and even when playing at an event or party, he would ask to extinguish the light in the room.

        fryderyck chopin art print biography artwork with doodles

        Another facts about Chopin temper is his Romance with George Sand : She was the sexiest and most courted woman in Paris (she was in love with 6 famous artists in a row), and she decided to get this youg polish talented artist - a very shy boy - She even asked about him if he was a Young Lady ? He wasn't very interrested in sex according to her...

        2.The time Chopin's Piano was stopped at Spanish customs

        Chopin’s favorite piano maker was Pleyel ( a French builder). When he and Georges Sand went to stay on Majorca island in Valldemossa for Chopin to recuperate from his tuberculosis, he asked Pelyel to ship a piano there to practice and compose.

        However, it took such a long time to get through the Spanish customs, he had to work with a local piano – but he still managed to compose some of his most famous pieces on his "Custom Piano Pleyel".

        5-chopin played his pleyel piano even in valldemossa mallorca customs


        chopin drawing illustration framed half

        3.Chopin and George Sand : the not "love at first sight".

        When Chopin was first introduced to George Sand at Liszt’s house in the autumn of 1836, he told him ‘what an unpleasant woman !’.

        Clearly, he eventually changed his view as they became lovers not long after.

        4-chopin and george sand not love at first sight at liszt  house


        george sand biography history portrait

        4.Chopin passed away in France.

        As death approached, Chopin lay in his bed surrounded by a group of friends and admirers. As the time got close, Chopin asked the young Countess de Potoska who had been tending him, to sing the national anthem of Poland, their country.

        Jeszcze Polka nie zginela (‘No – Poland is not lost’).

        He breathed his last as she finished.

        6-chopin listen the polish anthem before he passed away

        chopin illustration ink drawing

        5.Chopin's Heart is in Poland

        Chopin died on October 17th, 1849, at the young age of 39, most likely from tuberculosis.
        His heart was removed from his body after his death and remains preserved in Poland. Chopin's body is buried at the Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris.

        7-chopin is burried in paris, his heart is in poland


        chopin picture smart incredible daft portrait


        6.Coming to "Pianopolis" Paris

        In 1830, Paris was called  "Pianopolis », the ultimate place for a piano player. "Pleyel" was a very trendy piano maker in need of a brilliant and renowned artist. Chopin was designed as the best Pleyel Ambassador.

        2-chopin meet pleyel in paris favorite piano ambassador

        7.Fryderyk Chopin, a child star !

        Chopin was a child star; he was writing and composing poetry at age 6 and performed his first public concerto at age 8.

        By the time he was 12, Chopin had already performed in the drawing rooms of countless Polish aristocrats and created original compositions.

        1-chopin was a gifted  genius helped by musician parents

        He inherited the music genes from his parents, his mother was a piano teacher, and his father was a flute and violin expert. 


        chopin art drawing detail biography

        8.Chopin, a romantic player

        Frédéric Chopin represents the romantic classical music: mysterious, haunting and delicate. The piano remains the instrument par excellence for expressing the poetry of this melancholy and cheerful music, both alive and vibrant, which evokes the density of the human soul.

        A genius composer and piano virtuoso, Frédéric Chopin's music remain a symbol of romantic music forever.

        9-chopin is a romantic player icon of romantism piano

        9.Chopin had serious Health issues

        From childhood, Frédéric Chopin was sickly and under medical care.
        Chronic coughs and hemoptysis are common symptoms of tuberculosis, the probable reason for his premature death at age 39.

        9-chopin had serious health issues all his life


        You want more details about chopin ?

        If you liked theses details, there are more of these on his biographical portrait below !

        chopin drawing facts biography portrait




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