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Here is my collection of Drummer Art portraits. All of them are handmade, illustrated in black ink on white paper and filled with plenty of stories inside the picture.

From the distance, it's the drummer face and when you get close-up, it's plenty of comics drawings, based on the drummer life, stories and all what makes theses drummers so special.!

If you prefer drummer Quote art, they are also available here !

drummer art roger taylor
drummer art neil peart
drummer art jeff porcaro
drummer art eric carr drummer art chad smith drummer art peter criss
drummer art joey krammer drummer art nick mason drummer art charlie watts
drummer art keith moon drummer art don henley drummer art lars ulrich


Roger Taylor (Queen)

The Multi-instrumentist

drummer art roger taylor

Polyvalent Drummer : There is plenty to say about Roger Taylor, he was meant to become a dentist, made a strong impression to Brian May who was the lead guitar of the Band "Smile" while tuning his drumkit like a Pro. But the main thing we can say about Roger taylor is plenty of different skills :

  • He plays the drums for Queen with his instant recognizable drum intro and riffs
  • He sings like a pro and give incredible harmony with high pitches and eventually is lead singer in the Queen Band
  • Roger taylor aslo plays guitar, bass, keayboards and many other instrument. This one man band can produce music by himself and that's what he did with the band "THE CROSS"

drummer art print roger taylor

If you want to know more about him, watch his draw my life video illustrated by myself !

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Jeff Porcaro (Toto)

The Studio Drummer

    drummer art jeff porcaro

    Studio Drummer : if you were an artist in the 80's in U.S.A and had an album to record, you probably choose the best drummer available. Well, this is exactly what happens back then : Jeff Porcaro spent his days and night in studio seating behind his Drum-Kit, recording drum tracks for almost every famous artist and Rock Band at the time.

    • Paul McCartney, Madonna, The Boss, Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, Elton John, Eric Clapton, Lionel Ritchie,etc...
    • He was so easy to work with : just a call, the first take was usually the best one and no Big Head
    • No solo guaranted : he hated solo so much, his drumming style was to "just keep the Groove" !

     drums poster jeff porcaro

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    Neil Peart (Rush)

    The Professor

    drummer art neil peart

      PhD in Drumming : If Drumming was a science, Neil would have been the first PhD in this field !

      You may know Neil Peart first, then his band RUSH. This is what actually happens to me ! Neil Peart is know to be a very special drummer who always try to improve his drumming abilities. The result can be heard on the many Rush albums. Always learning, he even re-learned to play jazz to honor the memory of Buddy Rich and learn to play drums from scratches afterward and get the best technic ever.

      • If Rush had played Radio formated music instead of progressive rock, the band would have been so Famous !! But they prefered to play what they liked to keep their artistic freedom !
      • Neil Peart tried new gear all the time, resulting in a wide range of drums element on his kit, literally surounding him on stage
      • Avid motorbiker, he was awarded a special recognition in the motorbike adventure rider which is like drumming : "you are always learning"

       drums poster neil peart

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      Charlie Watts (Rolling Stones)

        A Jazzman in a Sex, Drug and Rock and Roll Band

        drummer art charlie watts

        Charlie Watts is the smart good looking gentleman of the Rolling Stones Band.

        Tie, sharped dressed, just like a drummer playing at a Jazz Band. His drumming is effortlessness and discipline : metronomic and not too much as Keith and Mick are allready doing too much on their side.

        It should Swing and bounce !

        But don't mess with him anyway as he can punch you in your face if you cross the line : he his the nobody's drummer, he his Charlie Watts !


          The Charlie Watts Quote art illustrated is available here.

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          Chad smith (RHCP)

            Chad eat drums for breakfast

            drummer art chad smith

             Chadwas required to shave his long hair to become member of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He said no and add to F**k off to the guys.

            He plays hard enough tobe the equal of Flea, eat Drums for breakfast just like Anthony fill his battery with Nuclear power and have a wide range of style to produce a Rock / Funk / Rap Mixture so unique to RHCP.

            drums poster chad smith

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              Eric Karr (Kiss)

                Pure Power

                drummer art eric carr

                Just like his drums says in Japanese : "Chikara" means power or Strength. This is exactly what describes the drumming style of Eric Carr.

                He was a complete stranger to Show business and pass the Kiss audition like a pro. Shy and unprepared to play in Arenas, he did what he was asked for : bring Power to the Kiss Band without Ego. Eric Carr iconic Solo maybe the one with the digital drums pad bringing a astonishing un heard before powerfull sound !

                drums poster-eric-carr

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                  Peter Criss

                  I throw drumsticks and they come flying at you.

                  drummer art peter criss

                  Peter Criss was not a virtuoso of the drums, neither a Rock Star like gene or Paul. The Catman was connected to the audience : there was something very special with the public : even if he threw his drumsticks away, there was always someone in the Audience to throw them back to the Drummer : No way to end a concert throwing away the drums sticks !

                  • The catman is from Brooklyn
                  • Peter Criss believes he's got 9 lives, just like cats
                  • He was lead singer for some Kiss songs ("Beth" for example)



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                  Nick Mason (Pink Floyd)

                  The experimentalist

                  drums-poster-nick-masonNick wanted to become Architect. He finally build foundations and the space atosphere of the very famous "Pink Floyd " Band. And eventually met Roger Waters and Richard Wright at the Regent Street Polytechnic !

                  Ask an architect to build something new in the drumming Era and you finally end up with Nick Mason building strange and unusual drum patterns, complex fill and odd time signature.

                  But all of these is when he is not racing behind his ferrari GTO cars....

                  drummers art nick mason

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                  Joey Kramer

                  Hit Hard !

                  drummer art joey kramerNot easy to seat behind Joe Perry and Steven Tyler, the toxic twins ! So Joey decided to hit hard on the drums, louder than Run D.M.C and eventually use his bare hands and elbow during Drums solo !

                  • Apart being a very hard hitter Drummer, Joey drinks his own brand Coffee
                  • The name Aerosmith is his idea ! Since 68, Joey wrote the band name everywhere he could... prelude of the Big Idea !


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                  More Drummer Art Poster

                  Here is the shop section dedicated to musicians, from classical music to Hard Rock, women and men and all the famous drummers.

                  All pictures made in the unique artistic biography portrait style !

                  drummer art 

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