The Borzoi Illustrated : Fun Facts about the russian Wolfhound Dog 101

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The Borzoi illustrated : discover this breed with hand illustrated facts - the dogs 101 !


1.Borzoï is the crossword clue for russian wolfhound : "Rousskaya Psovaya Borzaya"

The borzoi, literally "fast" in russian is also called the Russian wolfhound

Full name is " Rousskaya Psovaya Borzáya sobáka ("fast dog with long hiar form Russia".


Borzoi is indeed a fast dog !

In 1936, for an International standard name, the name have been changed from - Russian Wolfhound- to Borzoi.



2. History of the Russian Wolfhound borzoi

The Borzoi originated in 17th Century Russia, back in 1650 when a Russian aristocrat wanted a fast hunting dog to chase wolves.

3-russian aristocrat wanted a borzoi in russia

He imported Arabian greyhounds in Russia : They met his speed requirements but the poor short haired dogs were not suited for the cold Russian weather and died.

4-arabian grayhound as borzoi died in russian winter

He bought another set and crossed them with Russian sheepdogs : a thick coated dog made for the unforgiving Russian winters.

5-borzoi is crossed breed between arabian greyhound and russian sheepdog

The new breed was both fast and equipped to deal with the snow : the Russian wolfhound was born.


6-thick coated sighthound russian sighthound borzoi

Today, there is no difference between the modern Borzoi and it's Russian ancestor. It still remains the same thisk coated glamorous sighthound that was one of the great Russia.

3.Size of the Russian Wolfhound

The dog is huge : one of the tallest sighthound breeds. Not as big as the Irish wolfhound but close enough.


7-borzoi are large dogs tall 70cm 50kg

thay stand around 28 inches - 70cm  at the shoulder and weigh 100 pounds - 50Kg.

4. Borzoi temperament : bred to hunt

Theses dogs are bred to hunt : to find wolves and wait for the hunter to catch up.

8-borzoi are bred to hunt wolf

Back in the Tsars Era with the Russian concept of hunting trials with packs of  30 borzois and more.

9-borzoi hunting in pack of thirty 30 and more in russia tsar era

As a “sighthound,”  these dogs have an incredible wide field of vision of 270-degree.

10-borzoi wide vision 270 degrees wide sighthound

Borzois also have a special hunting ability in their eye : a high acuity allover the retina : the dog spot it's prey from far away, even on wide plains.

11-borzoi have special acuity eye streak  high acuity in the retina long sight

Borzois were bred to chase and are independant, so a fully fenced yard is a necessity for not loosing your dog when a small pet walk in the distance.


12-borzoi escape game will chase all small animal when off leash


5.Grooming your Borzoi sighthound

Borzois are slight dogs and can’t fit that much food in their stomachs at once.multiple small meals a day is recommended : don't feed them too much at once in order to avoid a fatal gastric torsion.

14-feeding your borzoi avoid gastric torsion and bloating issues

Borzoi are quite easy to groom : A weekly hairbrush will keep your borzoi gracious.

13-grooming your borzoi with a weekly hairbrush

6.Borzoi dog breed personality : Stubborn

Borzoi can be very stubborn when they are not properly motivated

15-borzoi stubborn breed tricky trick

learning tricks may be very challenging. They get bored with repetitive, apparently pointless activity like "Sit", "fetch" and "bring back the ball". Don't take it personnal, it's just that they prefer purchases prays.

16-borzoi trick stubborn sit fetch stupdi sighthound

7.the most elegant couch potatoes

The breed is very elegant : they are decorative couch potatoes with remarkably gracious house manners. They do it naturally with grace !

17-borzoi is an alegant gracious couch potatoes


Want a borzoi drawing ?

The print of is available on my website with plenty more details put indide the portrait.




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