Charlie Watts facts for kid - illustrated with drawings

If there was one quote to remember about Charlie Watts, after all theses years of drumming with the Rolling Stones, Well dressed with a Jazz feeling :

"It should swing and bounce"

So here is my art print to celebrate this fantastic dandy drummer : A snare drum, holding it's drum sticks in a traditionnal way (between middle and ring finger) a suit and a tie !

charlie watts quote print drawing it should swing and bounce

1.Charlie Watts young

Years ago, when London was still burning after WW2 bombing, was born a litlle baby called Charles Watts. He grew up in the London 50's and made his first music approach thanks to his neighboor and jazz addict Dave Green.

charlie watts young london wembley drawing cartoon

Charlie tries first the banjo as musical instrument but didn't like it. He took the neck off and put it on a stand like a snare drum and played on it with a pair of brushes. A Jazz drummer was born !

2.Charlie Watts the drummer

A charlie call another Charlie : Charlie Parker, his favorite musician and main influence. Tony williams, parker's drummer is the reference in a matter of drumming. Watts focuses on discipline and effortlessness.

less is more effortlessness dispipline charlie watts drummer

As he said, it should swing and bounce, even if it's a jazz band or a rock'n rolling stones band !

charlie watts art print quote swing and bounce

3.Charlie watts and his Wife

The two met before the band became famous, Shirley Ann was charlie's groupie and became his wife. They remains together since then.

charlie watts and wife shirley ann shepherd groupie

Shirley Ann Shepherd is an Arabian Horse Breeder, she loves it and make her home a shelter for English greyhounds as well !

charlie watts wife arabian horse pure bred and greyhound

Watts is not really a rock star and prefers to stay home instead of touring away !

4.Charlie Watts Drum kit

The smallest drum kit available is very simple and was originaly designed to be transportable in a car between two gigs in the night. And this is what the Jazz drummer did design : small, compact because "Less is more".

charlie watts drumkit gretsch jazz kit simple

In the purest Jazz tradition, Charlies Watts is equipped with a small Jazz Drum Kit, with a long time collaboration with Gretsch company.

Another fun fact is that charlie is not allowed to play or own a Drum kit at home. His wife don't like the sound and the horses neither. This explains why Charlie did Air Drumming during TV show form home during 2020 lockdown.

 charlie watts air drumming lockdown no drumkit at home

5.Charlie watts and the rolling Stones

1964, charlie joins the Rock'n roll Band and give it's Jazz touch to it. He is credited by Mick as the "Wembley Whammer", loves to keep the rythm section with Bill wyman and is pleased to make the guitarist swing and bounce on stage.

rolling stones 64 charlie watts wembley whammer


While he and his bandmates hit the road, in the sex, drug and rock'n roll way of life, Charlie read "Horse magazine" book in his hotel room. Horse, Tea and Jazz music.

charlie watts horse tea and jazz music way of life



it should swing and bounce print charlie watts drummer quote

6.Charlie watts famous drumming licks

Drumming with discipline and effortlessness, this is Charlie's motto

charlie watts gimme shelter satisfaction honky tonk

Embracing simplicity in drumming with the "Less is more" he brought an incredible rythm to the Stones songs such as  "gimme shelter", "satisfaction", "paint it black", "Honky Tonk Women" and "Get Off of My Cloud".

7.Other things you didn't know about charlie watts

charlie watts quote art print drawing biographyThere are plenty other things you may not know about charlie watts ! His first job as Typo Designer in an advertisement Agency, the times when he punched Mick in the face.... all of theses are in this art print drawing of Charlie Watts and also on the making of Video of the drawing here :


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