Does the Shih Tzu shed ? is it an Hypoallergenic dog ?

Do you remember the Thomson and Thompson having a strange hair experience in the tintin Adventures ? Well this is a good comparaison with the Shih Tzu !

shih tzu have hair and not fur like humans

Shih Tzu have hair, like humans !

Shih Tzu is part of the very rare breeds having hair like humans does. Here are the very few breed with such caracteristics :

  • Shih Tzu
  • Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier
  • Miniature Schnauzer
  • Afghan Hound


Shih Tzu hair will grow to the ground

If you don't cut the hair of your shih tzu, the hair would continue to grow to the ground just like dupond and dupont after swallowing a pill ! (let say 12 months before they will have a nice long coat that touches the ground)

shih tzu growing hair uncut like thomson and thomspon in tintin adventures

Why Shih Tzu shed anyway ?

Because of their second Coat !

Shih Tzu don't loss their hair but have a double coat which sheds.

It apparently doesn't shed because most of the undercoat hairs get trapped in the beautiful long coat and a good brushing is required to remove all theses hairs.

 shih tzu shed undercoat trapped show cut

So a long Hair shih tzu is apparently hypoallergenic !

Short cut or Long Cut for your Shih Tzu ?

Going for a short cut with your Shih Tzu is more manageable but this means less coat to trap the loose hairs they shed : you will loose a bit of hypoallergenic and find some hairs on your clothes and house furnitures.

clip the shih tzu but more shedding

If your Shih Tzu likes to do these outdoor activities with you, it may be a wiser decision to go with a shorter haircut and avoid leaves and branch trees in your house !

 clipped shih tzu is more esay for sport practice

Find more stories about the Shih Tzu with it's Breed portrait here :

 shih tzu breed portrait silouhette art print




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