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The story of the Bernese Mountain Dog : 8 facts !

bernese mountain dog art print with dog breed caracteristics
All the questions you have about this famous family dog, breed caracteristics, shedding issues, lifespan and many more answered with detailed drawings !

1. The Bernese Mountain Dog - Switzerland

This breed is from switzerland in the Area of Bern, bred to stand swiss Alps cold weather and helped on the farms and pastures of Switzerland.

1-bernese mountain dog comes from berne switzerland

Its also known as the Durrbachler, a small town named Durrbach where you could see this dog breed on every corner.

2-bernese mountain dog durrbachler from durrbach town


2. The Bernese Mountain Dog explained in video

A fast forward video of the drawing with explanations : 2 hours drawing into a 3 minutes video !

3.The very distinctive coat of the Sennenhund

Bernese mountain dog's other name is Sennenhund. It's german and mean "the dog of the Alpine pasture". There are actually 4 breeds called sennenhund with different sizes but sharing similar color coat :

  • The Grosse
  • The Bernese Mountain Dog
  • The Appenzeller
  • and Entlebucher
3-4 dogs sennenhund breed grosse bernese appenzeller entlebucher

The fourth comes form swiss areas and share this very distinctive color coat :

4-bernese color coat tan black  white horseshoe

A white horseshoe around the nose and rusty and marks above the eyes.

5-bernese dog color coat white swiss cross on chest

The legs are borw a black coat and wear proudly a White swiss cross on the chest.

4.Bred to help a the farm

Back to the old days were theses dogs were used by alpine farmers as herding dogs in the mountains.

7-bernese mountain dog helping herding cattle

Always ready to help at the farm,

6-bernese mountain dog helping draft farm

They were also used for "pulling carts" of milk and cheese , people called them the "cheese dogs".

8-bernese dog breed cheese kase dog hund

Or the "poor's man horse". Another surname that fit well to them

9-drafting bernese dog surname poors man horse

5.The roman Origin of the Bernese Dog

The breed was imported by the roman Army : Two thousands years ago, large mastiff dogs crossed the alpine mountains beside roman soldiers.

10-bernese mountain dog roman cesar army origin

Bernese was obtained by the results of crossing between theses Mastiffs and alpine guard dogs.

If you climb up it's family tree, you can find the tibetan mastiff as an ancestor.

11-bernese mountain dog have ancestor the tibetan mastiff dog

6.A great Family dog

Nowadays, theses dogs are popular as family dogs. They will enjoy your company, the kids and even cats living in the house.

12-bernese dog is a perfect family dog breed

The Perfect Dog breed for kids : the bernese will ask for more when pulling the cart with kids inside and they will love it !



7.Loyalty and separation anxiety syndrom

It's a Loyal dog who will stick to you all the time.

13-bernese mountain dog is a loyal loving dog

As a glue dog, it will look for your company all the time, always.

14-bernese mountain is a glue dog loving breed
And will be naturraly eager to the separation anxiety syndrom.
15-bernese mountain dog separation anxiety syndrom illustration

8.Easy to groom, no mops needed

Easy to groom, you just have to do it simple : a  brush once a week to keep it neat and natural. DOn't overgroom it, the AKC will give you penalty point at the dog show !

16-bernese dog easy to groom once a week

and the dog is fitted with an anti drooling system, not like it's cousin the Saint bernard dog. No mops needed to clean the house.

17-bernese dog anti drooling no mops needed

3 years young dog, 3 years good dog, 3 years old dog

You will love the company of this dog made for the outdoors !

this breed matures very slowly and you will have to wait 3 years before having an adult dog or have the chance to have a clown at home for the 3 first years.

18-benrese dog is a clown mature slowly

This breed has a quite short lifespan. the bernese mountain dog live for about ten years.

19-bernese mountain dog average lifespan 10 years

And as the old swiss saying says :

" 3 years young dog, 3 years good dog, 3 years old dog; anything else is a gift from God "

Want more details ?

The print of is available on my website with plenty more details put indide the portrait.

bernese mountain dog sennenhound durrbachler art print


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