Illustrated Dog facts about GSP : the German Short-Haired Pointer

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Facts to Know About German Shorthaired Pointers with cartoon drawing

  • German Shorthaired Pointers were first bred as Perfekt Dog for hunting: hunting rabbits - raccoons - birds - deer! pointing prey silently, and retrieving them.
  • High energy inside, fast, never tired.
  • A perfect family dog, but your vacuum cleaner will be challenged with high shedding volume.


Here are more fun facts illustrated with comic drawing just like a cartoon, and if you look in the distance, it's the German shorthaired pointer silouhette of the dog !

gsp-perfect-hunting-dog-cartoon drawing

1.Quick Walk after work? forget about the GSP!

gsp drawing cartoon high energy dog german pointerThis is not a quick-walk-after-work dog.If you have or want a GSP, you had to know this dog needs and requires exercise just like a biathlon athlete : running, swimming, long walks, and intellectual work as well.

They have tons of Energy, so you had to release the overload to avoid your dog to start smoking. Two daily physical activity at least, there are no such thing as too much exercise for GSP.


2.The German Shorthaired Pointer: perfect Dog for hunting.

dog drawing cartoonhe German Shorthaired Pointer  hunting gspGSP is bred to be the "perfekt" hunting dog, with multitasking options available: the real swiss army knife of each hunter !

This dog can hunt, point the prey, retrieve it to you.

A very lively dog, one of the most known in Germany and the pointer breed the most used in the world.



3.Looking for prey ? the GSP is arrow shaped !

dog drawing cartoon gsp arrow shaped when pointingThey are bred to hunt, so GSP's have the smell and instinct to find anything that could be hunted.

This instinct drive them all the way, so be aware that when off-leash, they might go away for a hunting session.

If you look for the dog, it may be standing still , arrow shaped, pointing the prey you didnt expect.


4.Training and learning is not an option

dog drawing cartoon gsp training learning necessity A dog with too much energy had to be kept busy, otherwise they will become destructive, especially when young pups.

So you have to learn how to keep them busy with plenty of activity and exercises.

To help you, they they learn quickly and love to please. (it's not always the case !).



5.GSP's always up for a swim !

dog-drawing-cartoon-gsp swimming water german shorthaired pointerThey have webbed feet, plenty of energy, a waterproof double coat : they love water !

But because they are short-haired, they won't swim for hours during winter times like long coated dogs such as Labrador Retriever or Newfoundlanders.




6. Hairs, A lot.

dog-drawing-cartoon-gsp-shedding loosing hair vacuum cleanerYour G.S.P might shed every day (just like a dalmatian), If you live in a cold country it will keep it's hair a little longer.

And because it's short hairs, you will encounter all colors hairs everywhere : the car carpets, the sofa, your socks, your bed, etc... all around the house.

Got a good vacuum cleaner and grooming brush ? Time to equip yourself !


7.An Old Dog, 4000 BC.

dog-drawing-cartoon-gsp-old breed egypt age 4000 bcGSP ancesters were hunting dogs with bird hunting in the mediterranean areas.

Egyptologs even found drawings of theses in ancient egypt hyeroglyphs.





8.How high can a G.S.P jump ?

dog-drawing-cartoon-gsp-high jump athletic long recordsTheses dogs are athletic and are known to jump a 6ft fence. It sometimes looks like theses dogs are flying.

They seems to be more close geneticaly to kangaroo than dogs. Some competitions called "Dock jumping" are held to see how far and high can dogs fly.

Want a G.S.P ?

You can find all the details of this incredible breed dog within the GSP print available here !




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