Kara "Starbuck" Thrace explained for non BSG fans ? what the Frack ?

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Callsign "Starbuck" is a fictional character in BSG : Battlestar Galactica.

She is one of the show's main characters and before detailing the heroin, i will present you quickly the plot of the best Sci-Fi T.V Show Battle Star Galactica.

All pictures are from the biography portrait of Starbuck I made, and print is available here for purchase if you want to make a very special gift for a BSG fan!

In the first BSG version from 1978, Lieutenant Starbuck was played by Dirk Benedict (Faceman from A-Team), but today we will look at the remastered TV series with Starbuck character played by Katee Sackhoff.

kara thrace starbuck art print by drawinside bsg


1.Bsg = Battlestar Galactica. A plot of the tv series.

cylon starship and battlestar galactica ship in bsgOn a side : the humans known as the "Twelve Colonies of Mankind" and on the other side, the evil Cylon Empire.

Cylons destroy the 12 Colonies' entire fleet, except one spacecraft : the Battlestar Galactica of Commander Lee Adama.

While fighting against Cylon, the last humans try to find a new home, a planet that looks like a habitable world like the Earth.


2.Kara "Starbucks" Thrace actress is Katee Sackhoff

As mentioned on top, they decided to make a second version of Battlestar Galactica with the best pilot of the fleet incarnated by a woman. Girl Power!

As she is almost a super-heroin, she had to maintain a high degree in sports (marine training exercises show below), exercise, rude language, and stubborn attitude

starbuck marine training for Katee Sackhoff

3.Kara Thrace tattoos :

kara thrace tattoos battle star galactica bsg"Starbuck" marries Anders (a pilot as well, callsign "longshot") and the two live in "New Caprica City".

They decide to get tattoos as visual reminders of their wedding vows.

The picture of the tattoo is divided in 2 :

  • On Starbuck, the tattoo is on her left arm
  • On Anders, the tattoo is on his right arm.
When they get their arms closer, the tattoos combine into a Phoenix with a wedding band with small Caprica symbol (a planet).

4.Starbucks favorite aircraft: the Viper mk2

viper mk2 bsg battle star galacticaWhile Cylons spacecraft are rounded with futurist shape, the Viper is closer to a human-made spacecraft. (a dodge viper without wheels for example).

It's a one-seater spaceship, with power pack engine: three Ion engines providing great performances to kick-ass Cylons.

It's the favorite spacecraft of Starbuck !





5.What the FraCK ? - famous quote.

frack you kara thrace starbuck bsgFRAK or FRACK is a fictional version of "fuck" used in the Battlestar Galactica television series.

It is used throughout the versions of the Battlestar Galactica series to replace the science fiction "F word".

Example of Fracking :

  • Holy frack!
  • "What the frak ?"
  • "It was a frakkin' toaster-fest."
  • "Frak you!"
  • "Frak" just frak is ok when crashing you viper mk2.


6.Starbuck's dead and Starbuck's back explained.

Just before her Viper goes into the vortex (sort of futurist Maelstrom black spiraling hole), Kara "Starbuck" grabs the ejection handle at the last-minute. A character did see her died in the viper accident, but it's not really clear.

did starbuck eject form the viper before entering the Maelstrom

Some people think Starbuck could be the GOD, as she is the only human character to be resurrected from death, but she also could be the "Jesus from space" : Born, died, resurrected, and then ascended. Or an Angel, or a Cylon?

7.So say we all !

I'll conclude this rapid tour of the Starbuck portrait by concluding with this prayer used in the Twelve Colonies. It's just like Amen in the universe where god is also called Starbuck.

I hope you enjoy the drawings of the nicest Sci-Fi T.V series !

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