New website opening

I've decided to switch to another website after 20 months with the previous one. I wasn't very satisfied with it : some options were missings and the design, not the way wanted.

So I've tried something new and I'm personally happy with this new design (I'm in love with it) and after weeks of listing and updating the pictures, i finally open it.

I still have 200 items to list but these will be added in the coming days (if there is a picture you don't find, please let me know, I'll list it asap).

The great improvements

    1. you can sort the items

    sorting option on shopify drawinside store

    • The main page is really cool

    main page is really cool on shopify shop

    • if you get hover a picture with a mouse (for the folks that still use a worksation like myself ), the detail of the picture will appear! (so cool).

    mouse hover effect on shopify store



    I really hope you enjoy the new website !

    Next projects :

    And once the website will be finished, I'll continue to draw new pictures (finish my to draw list request), put some stuff on my Instagram and start again the quizz or games on my facebook page with prints to be won !

    Pending art work notice :

    For all the folks that asked me special request during the last 12 months, I'm really sorry if I couldn't draw it for you, I was really really busy with important stuff to do. I'll be back on the track soon and wil lcontact you with update ! Thanks a million for your patience.

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