Rory Gallagher Draw my life : fun facts about Irish Guitar hero

music portrait explained

If you are a big fan of Blues Rock and Irish Culture, you may find interresting things here about legendary Gallagher. Here is his life explained with drawings just like a Draw my Life !

rory gallagher draw my life

You will discover plenty of stories inside this Rory Gallagher biography : buying one of the first stratocaster of Ireland, how irish pub music influenced his playstyle, the band Taste, the call form the rolling Stones, how he dedicates his life to music and many more details about the Irish Jimi Hendrix Rory Gallagher !

1.Illustrated Biography of Rory  Gallagher

For thoses who don't like to read and prefer a great video to know all about Rory Gallagher, take a seat for few minutes of intricated drawings and stories !


2.Rory Gallagher : THE guitarist

Irish Music influenced

Bathed in Irish music and its pubs, he will learn the guitar very early and as an autodidact. He loves to play it, everywhere, all the time and for all occasions. rory gallagher influenced by Irish Music pub

Rory plays lead and solo at the same time

He has indeed a fairly complex game, as if he was playing classical guitar on an electric guitar using all theses technics : finger play, mediator play, bottleneck, slide and fingerpick.

rory-gallagher plays lead and solo at the same time

His picking technique allows him to play both the melody and the solo as if two guitarists were playing on stage.

For the music sake

The concerts tours are intense : 200 dates per year. He does not spare his fender guitar whose varnish peels under the sweat of the guitar hero.

rory-gallagher fender guitar varnish peels sweat

He goes to bed at 6 a.m. and wakes up at 10 a.m and to maintain this rhythm he consumes alcohol, sleeping pills. rory burns the midnight Oil...

3.A very original gift for Rory's Fan.

If you don't know what to offer to a rory Gallagher fan, who allready owns everything about Rory, you can think about this unique piece of Art

rory gallager gift guitarist fan blues rock irish

This is plenty of anecdotes to the Late Irish guitarist and still plenty of details to discover everytime you pass near the picture. Details a real fan will truly appreciate and understand !

4.Rory Gallagher against the grain : not commercial success oriented

In 1974, Rory receives a call proposal to join the Rolling Stones, but it's probably a prank and hangs up. But it was true and his negative answer will leave keith richards completely stoned !

rory-gallagher Rolling Stones call prank

Against the grain is the album name of Rory Gallagher, short time after receiving  a call from the rolling stones. As a matter of facts Rory doesn't like show business and commercial music!

 rory-gallagher show business and commercial music

Anti Rock star, he doesn't swear, doesn't take drugs and doesn't sleep with groupies! But once on stage, is the light and makes the music shine ! 

5.Rory Gallagher walk on hot coals

Recorded in 1972, Walk on hot coals is part of the Blueprint album. It's few years after rory left Taste for his solo career within a power trio/quartet featuring now a keyboard player !

rory galagher walking on hot coals drawing

Rory still living for the music sake without looking for success or fame. He walks on hot coals but live his music. And is happy this way !

6.Rory Gallagher and the bad penny

What is a bad penny ?  A counterfeit or damaged penny or someone which is unpleasant, unwanted which repeatedly appears at inopportune times....

PArt of the album "top priority", a music album aked in a minimum time by the music industry, Chrysalis Records comes back like abad penny.

They ask him for musicla material and Rory is burning his midnight Oil...

rory gallagher bad penny under pressure music industry chryslis 

7.Is Rory Gallagher still Alive ?

Rory Gallagher was sick in the 90's, du to his tremendeous dedication to music. He received a liver transplant in 1995, but died of complications later that year. He was aged 47.

Is Rory Gallagher still Alive

More facts about Rory Gallagher ?

The biography portrait of Rory is plenty of other little details, featuring his passion for radio, how he bought one of the first stratocaster of Ireland and other little details ! You can get the print here.

rory gallagher drawing doodle art poster





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