Angus Young biography and his Gibson SG

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f you are interrested into Rock, school uniform and unusual rock moves, you may know Mr Angus Young, one of the most influential guitarist of the last 40 years. 

Here is the biography and portrait of Angus Young from the ACDC Band made of fun facts like a comics of his life illustrated just like a Draw my Life !

angus young poster drawing

You will discover inside the picture :

  • Why angus move from Scotland to Australia
  • Why he choose The Gibson SG
  • the different moves that makes Angus on stage so special
  • and many more stories about Angus Young, the only one solo guitarist of Acca Dacca


 angus young biography portrait drawing inside

1.Is Angus Australian or Scottish ?

1955, in the working class suburb of glasgow :Cranhill district. Angus Young is born and is the last of a family of 8 children just after Malcolm.

angus young cranhill glasgow 1955
Times are tough but the music punctuates the life of the big family. Angus will learn the guitar with his brother Alexander as well as how to defend yourself in the tough neighborhood.

is angus young australian scottish

1963 is the worst winter in Scotland and the family decides to leave. The state offers to voluntary families to leave for Australia in the suburbs of Sydney.

 angus young art print poster illustration

2.Angus Young Quote : "i just go where the guitar takes me"

You should know that Angus is not tall and measures 1m and 57cm: 5 feet 2 inches and most guitars are too heavy for him and even struggles to reach the end of the guitar neck !

why angus young choose gibson sg

One day, in a second-hand store, he tries a guitar and immediately adopts it : because it is light and has a very thin neck: it's a gibson SG.

ACDC members talk about Angus as the "snot and sweat cyclone" and  Angus say of his guitar that "he just goes where the guitar takes him".

angus young quote i just go where the guitar takes me

Indeed, when he plays chords at the top of the neck, angus moves to the left !
When playing solos at the start of the neck, it goes to the right ! That's it : he just go where the melody takes him.

angus young quote poster illustration


3.Angus young on bon Scott

A singer is required for the Acca Dacca group as they say in Australia, Angus and Malcolm are searching hard and finally found the gem !

Bon Scott holds the microphone and the first album "High Voltage" is launched.

bon scott high voltage acdc

As Angus considers solos easy, he add some moves to make them more complicted by mounting on the shoulders of bon scott and doing the shoulder ride !

Angus young on bon Scott

and other moves we will discover in the next chapter !

angus young drawing wall art

4.Angus young rock moves

At first, Angus asked his sister to make him a cool schoolboy suits to entertain the audience, then started to do the shoulder ride...

He continues with crossing the stage from right to left doing the duckwalk.

angus young duckwalk

Making devil's face to illustrate the album covers and Rock the place between two guitar solos.

Once, he trips over a cable ,fell and improvises the spiral of the dying cockroach by spinning on himself with a few lost kicks in the front row.

dying cockroach move angus young felt cable

5.A great Rock gift for ACDC fan !

If you don't know what to offer to a AC / DC fan, who allready owns plenty of poster, CD, goodies about the rock band, you can think about a piece of Art !

 angus young gift idea art

There are plenty of anecdotes about the famous guitarist and still plenty of Rockin' details to re-discover everytime you pass near the picture. Details that an Angus Young fan will truly appreciate and understand !

 angus young quote gibson sg drawing

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