Roger Taylor - Draw my life of Queen Drummer !

If you like Queen, here is a portrait of it's drummer with plenty of drawings about Roger Taylor, just like a draw my life. I put his whole life inside: from his youth in Cornwall, his studies to become a dentist, his audition with the Band "Smile" and his love of sports cars.... A little tour inside Roger Taylor!

roger taylor drawmylife art portrait

    1.An Illustrated biography of Roger Taylor in Draw My Life

    For those who don't like to read, I have prepared a video of his life in a few minutes movie with everything there is to know about the drummer of Queen. Sit down and let yourself be lulled by this draw my life Art portrait full of anecdotes that "will rock you!" !


    2.Roger Taylor and the drums

    As a child, Roger Taylor loved playing drums on his mom's cookware. He had to wait his 12 years before receiving his first Toms of drums and will have to wait a little bit more before the cymbals.

    roger-taylor-young-drum set pan
    Roger also did opera singing during his schooling and played other instruments such as keyboard, bass and guitar. His first music group will be formed with his cousins ​​"the cousin jacks", in which he will play the guitar, at first, and then finally the drums because you are never better served than by yourself for a very sharp tempo.

    roger-taylor-cousin-jack-first band-guitar

    Roger taylor will listen to Ginger Baker and Mitch Mitchell over and over again, to draw inspiration from the British groove to finally apply for the smile group.

    3.The ultimate gift for Queen and Roger Taylor lovers

    You do not know what to offer to a music lover of the band Queen or a drummer who reveres Roger Taylor in the Rock style? Well, this drawing can make the best present for this person, and will put sparkles in eyes because it's "Roger Taylor concentrated" inside!


    ink drawing queen drummer roger taylor

    Lots of true stories of the drummer before becoming famous, the group Smile then finally the group Queen. Lots of details to discover and re-discover each time you pass in front of the drawing : Roger and his love of sports cars, his singing talents,

    In short : full of details that only connoisseurs can understand!

    4.Roger Taylor and Freddie Mercury

    Roger studies during the day, but when night comes, he turns into a rock drummer! In 1969, Roger met Freddie Bulsara, a fan of the group Smile.

    The two are very good friends, and will even acquire a stand together at Kensington Market to make some money by selling clothes there.



    They then become very good friends except for the famous song "I'm in love with my car".

    5.Roger Taylor and Bohemian Rhapsody

    Roger Taylor sings in queen band, usually for chorus but he also is the lead vocalist for some songs like Drowse and  his signature sports car song "I'm in love with my car" which he wanted to see on the B side of "Night at the Opera".

    Facing the refusal of Freddie who wanted to keep a certain harmony between Bohemian Rhapsody side A and the piece on side B, Roger Taylor locked himself in a cupboard until Freddie accepted his song on side B.


    Once the b-side request accepted, he will deliver his finest vocals and backing vocals, especially the highest notes he can sing, while providing a powerful, clear, Rock sound to the album!

    roger taylor draw my life portrait detail queen drums

    6.Roger Taylor : "I want to break free"

    It may be a detail but roger will grow a beard in 1969 so that he will no longer be confused with a woman. Don't be surprised that her female version in the clip "i want to break free" is the most amazing!

    Roger is what we can call a free man and a work aholic: he will be the leader of the group The Cross in parallel with Queen and will have time to release three albums : "Shove it","Mad Bad and dangerous" and "Blue rock"!.



    Roger's freedom lies in the fact that he does not hesitate to criticize the british monarchy and does not mince his words... To the point where the royal family put him on their blacklist, a shame for a member of Queen!

    7.Roger Taylor and Brian May

    During the audition of Smile's new drummer, Brian May, the lead guitarist, is impressed by Roger because it's the first time he's seen a drummer tune his instrument like a pro!



    poster art print roger taylor drums



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