Inside Joe Satriani : a draw my life experience

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1970, Joe Satriani decided at the age of 14 to become Guitar Hero. Jimi Hendrix Death was the trigger !

A huge work ahead, but he did it !

And we can say "Satch" create a new genre of music : the instrumental Virtuoso Rock and did it pretty well !

Here is the biography and portrait of Joe Satriani made of fun facts like a comics story, a sort of Draw my Life inside his portrait !

joe satriani draw my life art


what you will discover inside his portrait :

  • The day he decided to become Guitar Hero
  • His first experimental album "Not of this Earth"
  • Why Steve Vai is a really good friend
  • The Japanese guitar brand Ibanez
  • Chickenfoot and the G3 !

1.Illustrated Biography of Joe Satriani

For thoses who don't like to read and prefer a great video to know all about Joe Satriani, Well : take a seat for a 4 minutes video of intricated drawings and stories !


2.Joe Satriani and Surfing with the Alien

Joe's first album "Not of this Earth" goes almost unnoticed, but joe had faith in what he was doing and still believes in him. And he knows his next album will make a strong impression.

He quit football at 14 when he heard about jimi Hendrix Death and decided to be a guitar Hero. This time he was ready to released a disc like the Jimi Hendrix's "are you experienced ?"

joe satriani 70 american football hendrix death

Straight out of a hand of super heroes, alongside the silver surfer, joe releases the album "Surfing with the Alien". Plenty of Rockin' guitar riffs with Ice 9 and Satch boogie. (Satch is joe's nickname : at this time, everyone scratches his name like Satchiani / Satrani / Satiani / etc...)

joe satriani surfing with the alien drawing

This album is a revelation to all the guitar players and inspired many of them to become Super guitarist.

The issue was when Joe's music manager asked him to do an instrumental rock tour, he was not quite sure how to do it as it was completely new.

He recruits two talented musicians: jonathan Mover on the drums and Stu Hamm on the bass and "goes to the mat" in jeans T-shirt and the wah wah under the foot !

 joe satriani tour 88 stu hamm  jonathan Mover

A smart gift idea for smart guitarist

You know someone who loves to listen Instrumental Rock and especially virtuoso guitarist (including Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Eric Johnson, Paul gilbert, Patrick rondat, etc...), here is a gift idea that will be great : the biography portrait of his guitar Virtuoso.

joe satriani smart art gift


3.Joe Satriani : always with me always with you

This is a song form "surfing with the Alien" that guitarist love to learn to know if they can play Satriani. Not so hard, not so easy but once played, you can say : I can play Satriani with 5 years of guitar experience !

joe satriani easy song to play

The guitar prodigy was noticed by Mick Jagger and his hired as guitarist for his solo tour 1988, but Joe dreams in Blue and prepares his next album "Flying in a blue dream".

joe satriani mick jagger 88 tour

4.Joe Satriani flying in a blue dream

1989, Joe dreams in blue and prepares his next album Flying in a blue dream. With songs with lyrics this time ! "i believe", "the phone call", "strange" and "ride".

joe satriani flying in a blue dream drawing comics

We are in the 90s Joe Satriani still has his hair and gets a second good tip from Steve Vai : he should try the ibanez guitars !

joe satriani biography portrait ink drawing

5.Joe Satriani Summer song

Summer 1992, joe still is with Relativity Records and "The Extremist" is released. It's a big success cause the song is used by a sony commercial for selling CD players.

Official clip is about a demolition derby on a summer day with joe playing with his band near the tracks, close to the restrooms and so on. This is america, star spangled banner, emergetic and lively music under the sun !

joe satriani star spangled banner

And this song was a trigger for lot of young kids : the started to play the guitar !

6.Joe Satriani wife : Rubina

Rubina records label, Rubina song, Rubina's Blue Sky Happiness, a guitar painted by Rubina, but who is she ???!!!

They met in San Fransisco before he was famous and he's mad in love with her and she love him.

joe satriani rubina satriani drawing

And for those who wants to know who hi their common friend, here is a picture as an answer :

rubina satriani joe steve vai

7.Joe Satriani hair issues

 Joe wasn't always bald, he grew up with plenty of curly long hairs but experienced hair issues in the 90's...

here are the different styles :


joe satriani hair issues 1987

1990 : his hairs are alittle bit weaker than before.

Joe satriani 1990 ibanez guitare signature hair issues

1995 : Joe released an eponymous album and wear a hat on the disc cover. His hairs are definitly going away. He waer a hat just like Jimi hendrix before taking huge decision the next year...

1995 joe satriani album hair issues wear hat jimi hendrix

1996 : Joe shave his head as they won't come again !

joe satriani shave his head 1996 96

8.Quote by Joe Satriani

Here it is with Joe Satriani, so let's end with some of his famous quotes illustrated soon about his play and philosophy !

“I hate changing strings” ― Joe Satriani

joe satriani quote i hate changing strings


"Sounds cool, Looks cool, Feels cool." ― Joe Satriani

joe satriani quote Sounds cool Looks cool Feels cool


joe satriani art portrait biography inside

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