Al pesso, A short Biography of founder of the PBSP psychotherapy

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Here is the short story of Albert Pesso, co-founder of the Pesso-Boyden System Psychomotor (PBSP). How could you imagine that this little boy could become weightlifter at 5, dancing teacher at 15, and psychotherapist at 35, and co founder of the advanced body-based therapy, with high ratio results for traumatic events treatment ?

Here is the little story illustrated with drawings...

albert pesso pbsp wall art ink drawing

1.Al pesso, a 5 years Old Weightlifter

Albert is the youngest of a yugoslavian family, born in 1929.
He struggles with older brothers and the wild neighboorood of the Bronx and Brooklyn.

albert pesso young bronx 1929 yugoslavia

Strong willed, Al want's to do things his brothers can't do.
So the young 5 years old boy began body building in a nearby park.


He's working out, training on ladder and parallel bars.
He enjoy and succeed at it : it's pure satisfaction for him.

al pesso parralel bar ladder satisfaction

2.Albert Pesso meet Muscular Man Dan Lurie

Albert Pesso has got the greek athletic body and the greek mind as well :

A strong mind in a strong body - Al pesso

strong body strong mind quote albert pesso

Aged 15, Albert meet Dan Lurie at a studio around the corner. Dan is the most muscular man of america at this time. The become friends.

albert pesso dan lurie most muscular man america drawing

Al is enrolled in his bosy building workshop and start to teach acrobatics and body building especially weight lifting.

al pesso workshop acrobatics weight lifting comics illustration


al pesso draw my life art drawing doodles

3.When Al Pesso is introduce to dancing

Aged 17, Dan lurie's girlfriend introduced Albert to the world of Dance. Al think it's a bit awkward at first but isn't that so different from what he did before !

albert pesso dance drawing

His passion for dance is just about to begin and even start to teach dance to youngsters.
Good looking and good dancer, he is photographed to illustrate the book
of modern dance : teaching and technique by Gerturde Shurr.

al pesso photography modern dance by gertrude shurr

Albert Pesso climb the ladder of the world of art and theater. He left brooklyn for manhattan and works with famous martha graham, the founder of the modern dancing.

al pesso ink drawing detail dance art portrait

4.Albert Pesso and Diane Boyden

Good student, al get a scholarship at Benington College. This is where he met Diane. they become good friends at the point she's looking for a woman for him !

albert pesso diane boyden benington college scholarship drawing picture

Al left and start teaching dance, open a Dancing school and start workinga as a choregrapher as well. Al and Diane wrote letters and the correspondance change to a love Romance. Till Al ask Diane to become his wife.

al pesso ask for hand diane pesso dancer 61

We are now in the 60's. they got married, children and a dance school.

5.Dancing school towards Psychotherapy

As the dancing school goes, they realize that some dancers who express their inner emotions through movement, experiment psychological relief especially those who have experienced trauma (loss of parents, separation divorce, sexual abuse).

pbsp pesso dancing school psychological relief

At this time, Diane had started a psychotherapy and during hlidays, her therapist was away. She decided to take a session with Al and it was surprisingly more convincing.

 diane boyden psycho therapy pbsp

They approach specialized institutes convinced of the benefits of this discovery.

6.The PBSP principles explained

Diane and Albert set up the "PBSP" body and mind therapy. The Pesso Boyden System Psychotherapy.

pesso boyden system psychomotor

They begin to develop a non-verbal and verbal therapeutic approach to provide new memories (abuse) or fill the memory holes (parent loss). Behaving like bringing a missing puzzle piece in the picture.

pbsp therapy client session drawing illustration

The therapist and a group propose a 1 hour session therapy and guide the client. For example, in a case of a parent loss, the client would like to talk a last time to them. Some people can play parents, share words, touch, the client can build up new memory with parents behaving like in his dreams.

7.World Wide recognition for AL and Diane pesso Boyden

Al will first teach his therapy at harvard, and will spend most of his time on the road to treat and train new PBSP practitioners and care for civilians traumatized by war.
pbsp al pesso training sessions practician
Like all lovers strongly bound when Diane dies in 2016, Al leaves to join her a few months later but they left behind a method and many people ready to take over.
al pesso diane boyden death 2016

A Gift idea for PBSP therapist ?

The portrait and biography of Albert Pesso is available on my art gallery here, and will make a very original and smart gift for a PBSP enthusiast !

 al pesso pbsp art ink drawing gift psychotherapy psycho

Sources : all sources comes from History and Origins

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