Maisons-Laffitte Jazz Festival 2017

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It all started a morning after receiving spam calls on my phone. the Third call was for something different: "would you be interested in designing a picture for a Jazz Festival ?"

I was in my Jazz period (Miles-Satch and lady Day), it had to be done Quickly and the details based on Jazz Stories / Maisons-Laffitte and a little bit of Miles Davis.

This is a Job For me!

Inside the Drawing

Samuel Strouk is the Artistic Director of the festival and wanted to have a drawing like the Miles Davis One. He got me an original picture of a Trumpet Player (wich is him actually) and i managed to draw my line and stories on this picture.

Here are the details of  the Drawing  and some things about :

  • I made mistakes while writing "Maisons-Laffitte" on the road signs... Maisons is plural because someday, Mr. Laffitte decided to build plenty of Houses in this Area near Paris.
  • There is a mirrored picture of the original one, and it's not done just with the mirror button on photoshop, all the texts had to be mirrored one by one and the chords as well and many other little things.



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