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An Artist says thanks to her agents !

Chelsey asked me few months ago if custom orders were possible : she wanted to give a present to the two talent agents that helped her to make a Broadway debut and start a dancer carrer in musicals.

" To say thanks for keeping her busy for the last 10 years..."

She gave me the logo af their company anf details about her carreer with Broadway shows and U.S national tours. 

 I've discovered many things with this artwork as i'm not a ballet dancer at all !

  • Lady Agrippina Vaganova who make the Vaganova method for ballet dancers. (should do her portrait for my great women section !)

aggripinavaganova method drawing

  • Doing aerial dancing (I'm seasick, i won't be able to try this ever)
Aerial dancing drawing doodles art
  • I really want to see the "Cirque du Soleil" Paramour musical !

Really hop Jim and Fatima will appreciate the present by Chelsey !

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