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Discover the Pumi breed with illustrated facts about the fluffy dog from Hungary, his original bred purpose, the  origin of his name, it's far away origins, why it almost disappear and why it's popular again !

pumi dog breed explained with doodles facts

1. The Pumi - from Hungaria with love

The pumi is also called the Hungarian herding terrier even if it's not a terrier dog !This fluffy dog breed comes from Hungary, a central europe country with no sea.

1-pumi-pumi is a dog from central europe hungary

Just a land of grass, hills and forrest with plenty of sheeps to herd.

2. Pumi was originally bred as a herding dog

It looks fluffy and seems to be a cute lapdog but inside, it's high temper !

2-pumi is a cute fluffy dog but its an active herding dog inside

This dog was bred to take direction from a shepherd and herd the sheeps

3-pumi is a hering dog taking orders from sheppherd

- simple as that- and because of it's alertness and physical, this dog is very good at this job.

4-pumi dog is good at herding sheeps and cattle

3.Pumi have several Name Origins...

Nobody is sure about the pumi'name origin. Several stories are still discussed:

  • The name "Pumi" may have been derived from "Puli" it's hungarian Rasta brother.

5-pumi and puli name origin brother rasta 

Both of them have very similar name and were often mistakenly named. They both are incredible herding dogs but can be be distinguished by their coat : first one is a teddy bear look a like, the second one, surrounded by dreadlock has an unmistakable appearance.


  • Pumi might have been derived from the German word "pummel"

6-pumi name origin are form pomeranian spitz crossing breed
This is the most commonly accepted theory is that the name originated in "pommern", the short name of the Pomeranian Spitz. A breed largely used for cross-breeding.

4.The Origin of the Pumi Dog

This sheepdog have been introduced in Hungary by Magyars from Central Asia 1,000 years ago.

7-pumi imported by magyars central asia in hungary

Magyars brought their own herding dogs from Central Asia and south Siberia.

8-pumi ancestor can be the tibetan terrier imported by magyars

It's far ancestors could be the Tibetan Terrier crossed with younger european sheepdog breeds like the German Spitz and French Briard.

9-pumi is result of crossing breeds tibetan terrier pomeranian spitz berger briard

5.Almost disappear during 20th Century

Developped in hungary during 19th century, it was a very common herding dog.
10-pumi was a popular sheepdog in hungary in 19 century
The breed almost disappeared during the two World Wars. Prcious documents about the breed were saved from destruction.
11-pumi breed almost disappear during world war
Furthermore, dogs was not encouraged by the  "Hungarian People's Republic", a Communism state who rules hungary between 1950 and 1990.
12-pumi breed dog suffered from communism hungary 50 80
The breed managed to survive all conflicts, though pumik numbers is still low in the present.
13-pumi popular back in the eighties 80
The Breed gain's back popularity in the 80's and since 2016, It's named as part of the 8 indigenous Hungarian dog breed.
  • pumi
  • Viszla
  • Komondor
  • Kuvasz
  • Puli
  • Mudi
  • Hungarian sighthound
  • Transylvanian hound

 14-pumi among official breeds of hungary komodor viszla puli pudi

6.In hungary, Pumi's nickname is "Bohóc"

In Magyar, 'Bohoc' means "the Clown" : The pumi is a happy dog, loyal and always around to make you smile or even laughs.

15-pumi nockname os the clown happy lucky dog companion

Easy to live with : Thery're smart, eager to please, active : they just love life !

 16-pumi need action daily exercise and mental stimulation

 They're very forgiving, they don't hold a grudge, they're easy to train but the one thing you shouldn't forget is daily exercise and mental stimulation

17-pumi is an active dog playing freesbee

They have a short, corkscrew coat in black, white or gray.

meaning that they are easier to train than a lot of the other breeds out there. Furthermore, while they can be suspicious when meeting strangers.

 18-pumi suspicious when meeting stranger alarm

They are neither particularly aggressive nor particularly shy in their interactions

7.Curly coat and Strong willed mind !

This charming dog also has a curly coat that does not shed. The coat comes in 3 different plain colors : white, black or Gray.

19-pumi curly coat white gray black

Beware, this fluffy dogbreed won't just lay around all day, they are active !
If not properly trained, they will be pretty vocal and could even start to herd people !

20-pumi bossy dog herding people when not properly trained

Want more details ?

The print of is available on my website with plenty more details put inside the portrait.

pumi dog art print with breed details and story doodles inside


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