This is the collection of prints about Television : here are the characters you can find here from the 60's to now, biography inspired or gathering all the TV acts :

Jim Carrey on TV Saturday night show, Magnum p.i and his red Ferrari, grendizer saving the world, Heisenberg making meth in his mobile cuisine Van lab, Antipathic Dr House, Starbuck flying her Viper in infinite space BSG quest, the Tardis blue police booth, macgyver fixing up your tv, Bear Grylls surviving where TV don't exist, the office UK Ricky Gervais, Columbo, David Hasselhoff, the A team, Wonder Woman and Oprah Winfrey queen of the TV talk shows.

It's a unique art made of intricate doodle drawings based on biography and inspired by famous pictures made by the artist. The details are made in a comics way, but make research to draw true facts though.

All drawings are available in prints, hand-signed and numbered.