Welcome to my literature art prints collection. Here are the great writers i've done the portrait including their famous books, and many biographicals details that could resume the artists. I personnaly did read books of all of them to get a best appreciation of the writer. You will find a selection of the french Antoine de St Exupery feturing his little prince and fox as well, Roger Frison roche the adventurer of high mountains, the monumental Victor Hugo, poet Arthur Rimbaud and anticipater Jules Verne.

I also did pictures of american icons such as the terrific Stephen King, long sentences champion William Faulkner, the dark Edgar Allan Poe, black icon James Baldwin, bilingual Samuel Beckett, the walking Jack Kerouac and Fisher / hunter Ernest Hemingway.

Some poets like the feminin Stevie Smith and irish peacock Oscar Wilde, the middle earth JRR Tolkien and obscur and brainy ones Martin Heidegger, Immanuel Kant (can't read his books !) and linguist Noam Chomsky.

It's a unique art made of intricate doodle drawings based on biography and inspired by famous pictures made by the artist. The details are made in a comics way, but make research to draw true facts though.

Some of the painters in the collection like Monet, Van Gogh or Haring have inspired and influenced me during my youth, They are well documented

All drawings are available in prints, hand-signed and numbered.