Printing process

Professional prints

The prints for sale on my website are all printed on professional printer on high quality matte coated paper. I print "on-demand" as each print got a distinct serial number.

Hand signed and numbered

When printed, i sign the print by hand and put a number beside the signature. This help to see if it's an original picture or a print as the copy looks just like the original.

Prints comes within open editions (2017+)or limited editions (creation of the original drawing between 2012 and 2017).

Paper and ink quality

My Epson printers are fitted with pigmented ink and use 2 kind of paper weight :

  • high paper weight (210 gsm / 140 lb) for small prints (A3-A4 sizes)
  • medium paper weight (120 gsm / 80lb) for larger pictures so i can roll them in a postal tube.
I'm using high Quality Paper form Clairefontaine brand with mat finishing, so the print looks exactly the same than the original picture. It's Acid free and long lasting paper.