Murder She Wrote : fun facts about J B Fletcher with drawings !

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Here is the short story of J.B Fletcher, leading character of the TV serie "Murder she wrote" and played by Angela Lansbury. How could you imagine that this old and extremely polite lady will lead the role fir 12 seasons without car chases, no super power, no violence and a small town of 5000 inhabitants as the main stage.

Here is the little story of Jessica Beatrice Fletcher illustrated with drawings...

murder she wrote drawing jb fletcher 

1.What does Murder she wrote means ?

This mystery title is an allusion to the famous motion picture "Murder, she said" based on the Agatha Christie novel "4.50 from Paddington". Featuring a polite lady "Miss Marple" investigating the accident, and saying it loud : "Murder !"

murder she said wrote miss marple agatha christie

This time, it's a polite retired teacher lady who write murder mystery books by occupation... let see the original title written as follow :

"Murder!", she wrote.

murder she wrote art print drawing

2.Murder she wrote and Angela Lansbury

The series "murder she wrote" is about the life of Jessica Beatrice Fletcher born MacGill, a mystery writer and amateur detective, who becomes involved in solving murders that take place in the fictional town of Cabot Cove, Maine.

Her first book is names "the corpsed danced at midnight" and her nephew Grady sent the manuscript to an editor which published the book, becoming a best seller.

the corpse danced at midnight by jb fletcher

Angela is born in 1925, and take the lead role in 1984 : she is 59 ! and will perfectly match the "American Miss Marple" retired school teacher from the fictional town of Cabot Cove.

jb fletcher doodle drawing biography portrait

3.Cabot Cove in Maine.

Cabot Cove is a fictionnal Town ans "murder she wrote" filming locations were made in Kennebunkport in Maine, south of the state near Portland.

But you won't find the JB fletcher Victorian house there as it's located in Mendocino, north of San Fransisco in California.

And the Cabot Cove Harbor in Jessica's home town, is actually the Jaw's lake on the Universal Studios tram tour.

J.B Fletcher used to live in a house at 698 Candlewood Lane Cabot Cove...

698 Candlewood Lane Cabot Cove maine

4.How many seasons on Murder She Wrote

The Tv serie lasted 12 seasons, with one murder each week, solved by Miss Fletcher. As the show is very popular, the scripts planned an average murder rate of 6 people per Year in the town of Cabot Cove : pop 5000 .

This was 50 per cent higher than the murder rate in Honduras, which at the time was the real-world murder capital.

 cabot cove sherif murder rate

 Cabot cove Sherifs Amos Tupper then Mort (means dead in french) Metzger have lot of work to do there but have a real helper as the perosn of Jessica Fletcher !


5.A Gift idea for MSW fans ?

The portrait and biography of Jessica Fletcher is available on my art gallery here, and will make a very original and smart gift for any "Murder She Wrote" enthusiast !

 murder she wrote poster wall art drawinside

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