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Here are somes famous Drummers' quotes illustrated with my drawings. Short quotes are the best, selected ones, that fit perfectly each drummer way of Life !

And from great drummer only !

1.Quote from Charlie Watts, The Jazzman drummer

Elegant drumming style fo course, but "it should swing and Bounce !"

short drummer quotes jazz rock drums

Charlie Watts looked so beautiful when he played. Tie, suit : his style was not animalistic but, instead, almost pointedly reserved.

A Gentleman posture with a preternatural elegance. He's also known for his effortlessness and discipline, the way he never did too much.

A gentleman but a Rock'n Roll one, who is no one drummer !

charlie watts drummer quote bounce swing

After Mick called for his drummer, Watts get out of his bed, dressed into a sharp suit, cologne fragrance, and knocked on Jagger’s door.

He went straight to Jagger and say “Never call me your drummer again,” then punched him in the face. Watts was hired for life, and he knew it.

The Charlie Watts Quote art illustrated is available here.

2.Quote from Jeff Porcaro, the Studio Drummer

Young, Jeff Porcaro practice drums every day, playing The Beatles and Jimi Hendrix after school. He wasn't very interrested into the show but to give the better groove he could do and to keep it all the way ! "I will just keep the groove"

drum quotes art jeff porcaro

As Jeff "hated the solo", he was only interrested into the groove, the half time shuffle from Rosanna and so many more songs from the 80's. Jeff was living into the drums record studio and spent all his life there, recording the best grooves of the 80's music industry and played sometimes with Toto...

 short quote drummer jeff porcaro

The Jeff Porcaro Quote art illustrated is available here.

3.Quote from Dave Bonham, great Technic, big feeling

John Bonhamis known to be a very technical drummer, especially his right foot on the bass drum pedal. But what he thought the more important about the drums was : "Feeling is a lot more important than technique !".

 drums inspirationnal quotes

No matter if you play the fastest on the bass drum or you could do a 25 minutes big Whale solo, the more important is to keep the feeling and make the song vibrates !

drumming wisdom john bonham bonzo quote

The bonzo Quote art illustrated is available here.


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