The essence of places in the world inside a drawing. this is what I've tried to bring with this collection: a description of a city with all the things true inside, that makes the character of this city.

Incredible intricate artwork in black and white with details hand-drawn by hand. A great print to give as a gift to someone who visited a place or wants to move somewhere else.

It's not just landmarked, it's also how you live the things there, the smell, stress or cool attitude. Details are the fun facts you experience when living there! As a former globe trotter, i had opportunities to visit foreign countries and live there, bringing me not a holiday view but a real-life experiment in a foreign country.

Current collection host the following cities: Paris, Barcelona, Las Vegas, Louisville, and Washington DC.

If you can't find your dream print here, you can ask me to put it on my -to-draw-list and will contact you once finished.

All pictures are first hand made with no special preliminary sketches. It took me from 2 to 3 hours to achieve an art piece while surfing on the net reading all what makes the city so special.