Customer service - dealing with postal issues !

I have 5 stars reviews but some of them were intended to be a 0 or 1 star at first.

Here are stories of purchases that went wrong with good final ending - I still have the returned packages to testify of theses postal adventures.

1.The lost mail

Carin - Hi, I was wondering if you had any further tracking info on my order, because it seems to have stopped 4 days ago and has not moved since. I am worried it is lost in the post, as it has been some time since the order was shipped.
Thanks for your assistance! Xx  Sydney, Australia

Pierre - hi carin, hi also have another parcel the same size wich was stuck in postal services between xmas and new year, postal services issues here (strike and riots), the other item wasn't lost and yours doesn't seem to be lost.
Your item have left france on 4th and should arrive in australia in the coming days. it should pass the customs and once done it is tracked arrived in australia.

If no update till this week end, i'll ship a replacement parcel. really sorry for the delay.

Carin - Hi Pierre, I just wanted to check in with you regarding the shipment. The tracking info is still the same. It is still ceased 6 days ago on 4 January departing France. I thought I’d better keep you informed. I’m just worried it won’t arrive in time

Pierre - I've open a case at my postal services. he best i can do while they try to see what's happening is to ship a replacement parcel. would that be ok for you ?
Pierre - reshippedwith tracking LLxxxxxxxxx6FR


Carin - Thankyou so much Pierre for that. Xx



I did received the first print back few weeks later. It happens the print arrive at australian postal office with delay. It wasn't requested then turned back to sender.

The replacement parcel did arrive 13 days after being shipped.

Month of december is very busy, and it happens postal services need extra days to deal with all mails. Ordering pictures in November is much more confortable and stress free.

2. the print ordered twice

Breanna - " Hi, I accidentally ordered this print twice instead of once; can I return one ? Thank you!"

Pierre - drawinside : hi, can you turn it back in same shipping package ? I also will do a full refund. Mailing back the piscture can be done for free, just go to your post office with the unopened parcel and ask for a "RTS" Return To Sender. This works fine and it's free of charge.

Breanna  - Yes, I can return it in the original packaging! Thank you so much!

mail back return to sender full refund back payment drawinside

12 days later, the print was back to my studio in France and I did proceed to a full refund. Breanna did actually pay for the return of the print but a "return to sender" would have been as effective. Thanks to her anyway !

3.The creased paper print

Pontus  - Hello, I just received the print I ordered from you. It looks very good but it seems like the postal service managed to bend the package. Do you have any advice to try and straighten it out without damaging the print?

Pierre from drawinside - hi, I will ship a replacement parcel monday with extra protection.
Postal services during december and first week of january are quite can try the iron but without water.

Pontus  - That's great, thank you very much. Do you need my order number or any information?

Pierre from Drawinside : i got it - just shipped with tracking.

12 days later...

Pontus  -  Hello, I just received it and its perfect. Thank you so much


Creased papers usually happens when the postal services are stressed the month before Xmas. I've improved the packaging to keep the parcels strong enough to resist and keep the weight low.

However, if postal services have decided to ruin or destroy a parcel, they can do it like the postal tube shown below.

A replacement parcel was shipped the next day for this customer, and it's the only one crushed postal tube issue i've encountered so far.

destroyed postal tube postal service issues

4.The country of lost mails

story started with a picture shipped towards South Africa as a present gift.

2 weeks after the parcel got shipped with no tracking update....

Javier - Hello Emmanuel, I understand. I figured something was up with the post office since it did not move for a while. If they do not give you any resolution, is it possible to ship with a different carrier? Thank you very much.

Pierre - this will be difficult to ship with a different carrier (price approx more than 100 euro !!)  I'll ship again today, should be ok this time.

Javier -ahaha I appreciate it, thank you very much! Next time I'm in Paris I owe you an aperitif.

pierre - hi, here is the tracking : LLxxxxxxxx7FR ok for the drink ! just want to make sure at least one parcel arrive in south africa !

3 weeks later...

Javier -Hey Pierre, I still haven't received the drawing. Can you contact the postal company to get an update for me please? Thank you.

Pierre - hi javier, postal services are helpless at this point. tracking not available in africa (no compatibility with it). I'll propose a full refund and a big sorry for this. (and disable shipment towards south africa as well).
if you have another place to ship it i can try or othewise it's a chronopost option (60 euros) for delivery there (+ insurance as it may be lost again).really sorry again,

Javier -and no no, Thank you! Your work is very beautiful, And I would love to gift it to my brother in law. I understand I understand. Well can you ship to the United States? I am located in New York, and I think the best thing would be for me to hand deliver it to S.A. I do apologize for all this trouble as well.

Pierre : i can do it, yes. Will ship it today then. thanks for understanding !
i'll need your address in U.S please

Javier -Not a problem. You can send it to : Javier ---- U.S.A

pierre - hi, just shipped the picture towards usa.

7 days later...

Javier - Hey Pierre, Just want to let you know I received the drawing. Its Very Beautiful! Thank you again for everything. I really appreciate it.


mail back return to sender full refund back payment drawinside

Since this story, i did stop to ship towards South-Africa.

The story also happens for United Arab emirates where 2 parcels were lost and never returned by the postal services.

The parcel shown is the one who spent 2 months in the psotal services and traval more than 20.000km. Print still in perfect condition inside !


 5.The wrong print in the parcel

Well for this one, this is entirely my fault. I've no excuse and a prompt replacement picture has to be done. This is the human factor and happen sometimes !

 sorry human factor my fault drawinside pierre emmanuel