A range of famous influent people, with biography drawing details inside the portrait. Peacemaker, Politics, Leaders...

The collection features the courageous Women : Mother Teresa, Nobel Prize Malala, Anthropologist Jane Goodall (she has a drawinside picture in her home), Twiggy Lawson that broings a new shape to the fashion world. Pablo Escobar is one of the most influent man about how to earn an outrageous amount of dollars without mercy.

I've included to the collection some peace makers, like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and inspirational non violent mahatma Gandhi. the brainy explorers Freud and Jacques Lacan, Innovative guy with the Apple Steve Jobs, and other personnality that marked the 20th century and previous ones.

It's a unique art made of intricate doodle drawings based on biography and inspired by famous pictures made by the artist. The details are made in a comics way, but make research to draw true facts though.

Some of the influencers in the collection are great inspiration for me, I've done my best for a well documented picture.

All drawings are available in prints, hand-signed and numbered.