This is the french corner of my prints collection. It's close to french culture and get a large range of famous frogs :

Famous french singer like Renaud Sechan, Johnny Hallyday, Jacques Brel, Eddy Mitchell, The so amazing Mylene Farmer, Serge Lama, Jean Michel Jarre, Charles Aznavour, Patrick Fiori, the Classical international Mireille Mathieu, George Brassens, Vanessa Paradis, Daft punk duos with or without helmet, Serge Gainsbourg. The movie stars : Jean Rochefort, Louis de Funes, Jean Paul "Bebel" Belmondo, Writer of the classic literature : Antoine de St Exupery, Victor Hugo, Arthur Rimbaud, Jules Verne, Famous brush artist Claude Monet, the hilarious Coluche and Historical Napoleon Bonaparte !

It's a unique art made of intricate doodle drawings based on biography and inspired by famous pictures made by the artist. The details are made in a comics way, but make research to draw true facts though.

All drawings are available in prints, hand-signed and numbered. contact me for special request or for commission artwork