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My artwork is inspired by the little stories that made History. My passion is to discover true facts and anecdotes and draw them within the faces of Famous people. " The art of drawing biography "

The growing collection includes over 500 fine art prints, telling the many stories that shaped our World in a "Less is More" way : just black ink on white paper.



handmade ink drawing drawinside

Overwhelmed by technology and A.I, i'll love to know that hand drawing is still out of Computer capabilities !

All of my drawings are hand made, just ink on paper. Though i use computer for my prints, i really take special care to make look them like the original pictures.

I'd love to know that all the prints are hand signed and numbered and checked by the artist himself, this is my commitment, this is the essence of the Hand made process !


sustainability eco forrest dog proof drawinside

I do my best to consider the environmental impact of my work and supply chain.
I only work with partners who share my concern for the environment :

  • Recycled packaging and planting tree program.
  • I use sustainable methods and premium materials
  • I go to the local post office with my bike or by walking

All of the prints are made in France in my studio.



Drawinside is a One-man Art project founded by Pierre-Emmanuel Godet

I'm a french self-taught Artist, author and inventor of the biography portrait under the DrawInside brand.

1.From Engineering to Art

Before 2008, i was working as research engineer and my passion was painting (Oil painting landscape). My wife moved to Dublin and i choose to follow her, quit a confortable job and work as a full-time artist. - step into the unknown -

I had no proper style, neither degree in Art, just passionate and self taught : i started with what i was good at : "plein-air" painting, just like the impressionist.

Climate conditions were challenging and i sometimes needed to clamp my easel to the ground due to gusty winds and heavy showers. I can tell you Oil painting is waterproof !

Pierre emmanuel Godet - Plein air painting at Bull bridge in Clontarf, Dublin, Ireland

I tried new ways of working outside the studio like watercolor painting, but the irish weather was too wet, the only things i did were blured views of Dublin.

I also tried to work in public space with acrylic technic - a reduced set of colors and large canvas to show what i was doing. -Live painting at the river Liffey -

After months of work in plein-air, I was stuck on a technical issue : wanted to get less material that i could carry on my bike and work in public area.

2. Less is more : the Chalk

I get rid of everything and took a white Organic chalk and start to draw a line, directly on the pavement, and this is how it started : I did a continuous line drawing, spreading and giving a general shape to my intricate doodles.

Then, shapes became recognisable faces, and the doodles inside became stories about who i was drawing. The concept was here but i needeed an aproval, not the one of the gallery but from the street audience - chalk on the pavement near Dublin's Spire -


3.Am I ready to be a full-time Artist ?

So i took an indian ink pot and white canvas instead of my chalk and cycled in City center with my "Busker's Money Box" right in front of Trinity college.

Knees on the ground, drawing my line, i was working and waiting for the feedback.....and it came, and i knew at this time that there was something going on and i was ready to work as an Artist ! - Street performance in Barcelona.


Since 2010, i'm improving the style, bringing more details inside and stories and started to sell on-line. I left ireland to Barcelona (spain) and moved back in France in 2015. I still work on request, commissioned artwork and run my shop on the internet.

biography portrait artiste pierre emmanuel