New Prints

Drawinside propose a large collection of pictures with little drawings inside the drawings. Full collection here feature celebrity, famous artists, musicians, singers, ingluent people tha gange the civilisation, but it also feature dogs with all specific breed traits inside the silouhette, places and cities, quote prints as well from books or lyrics.

The full collection is available here and still is growing. Pictures of the collections are all done in black ink on paper first then edited and printed on archival paper with long lasting inks.

If you are looking ofr specific picture you can ask me for a custom artwork, i'm open to any requests.

Prints of the collections are printed on standard european size ranging from A4 to A1. If special size is needed ic an adapt and print on American standard size in Inches, square or double even triple square sizes. Just ask on the contact page or mention it when purchasing the print.