Fun Facts : Marina and the Diamonds portrait explained

marina portrait explained

Marina Diamandis, better known to fans by her stage name Marina and the Diamonds knew she'd be famous!

marina and the diamonds 

Marina has Synesthesia

Synesthesia marina diamandis

Synesthesia is when you associate particular colors with musical notes and days of the week. She's had strange technicolor dreams which have inspired her music Synesthesia is essentially having one sensory pathway involuntarily link with another so that numbers or letters appear colored. Monday is blue, Corn is green, dog is yellow and pink is D sharp.

She Wants To Write A Book On Women

marina and the diamonds write a book about women

Growing up as tomboy in her childhood, Diamandis has confessed that her own relationships with women have been difficult, so much so it inspired the album track, Girls. "I was very wary of them as they were always suspicious of me and for no reason".

Marina has admitted to wanting to write a book in the future concerning 'women's issues' - the stereotyping of women and the unequal role of females and males in society is something she fiercely debates.

Once Quite A Lot Of Her Hair Fell Out

marina hair leakage dye hair

Diamandis bleached her hair blonde when she 'became' Electra Heart, but unfortunately the whole thing backfired a bit.

Apparently she bleached it all, and when she was doing a cover shoot one of the men working with her said €œYou€™ve got a little bit of breakage at the back€ - to which Marina replied "So are you telling me I'€™m going bald?€ Turns out it was way worse than 'a bit of breakage'.

She had all her hair cut into a boy's hair cut, and then wore a wig until it grew out again.

She's Not Afraid To Kick People Out Of Her Gigs

marina Kick People Out Of Her Gigs

In typical sassy-style, Marina paused during one of her concerts in 2010, when some guys in the middle of the crowd were yelling at her.

She asks why they've paid money to go and see her when it's just a waste of time, and then asks security to remove the cretins from the building.

Britney Spears Was Her Teen Idol

marina icon is britney spears

When her mum finally got cable television, she named "Britney Spears" as her most important musical icon, Marina stumbled upon the singer. She discovered the video "Oops!...I Did It Again", and was inspired by Spears' talents.

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