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nissan 240sx s14 silvia

What does "S14" means ?

If you enter the "drift scene" you will hear about the iconic Nissan’s range of S platform models. Theses were built from 1976 to 2002 in Japan, with a crucial drifting element : the S cars were rear-wheel drive sports cars !

  • S is for Silvia (bluebird in Japanese)
  • 14 is for the mark number 14 of the Nissan Car Model Silvia.

Today, you can’t attend a drifting event without theses Japanese Bluebirds S13s, S14s and S15s.

Here are 9 reasons what makes the Silvia S14 so popular :

Lightweight and well balanced

If you’re serious about getting your drift on, you’ll need a lightweight car and the Silvia S14 is pretty light to start with. Furthermore, that weight is well balanced with a 50/50 balance.

s14 nissan s platform

Born to drift

Theses Rear-wheel drive cars are perfect size for drifting, like the others rear wheel cars of the other brands of the same Era : The Mustang SVT, Bmw E30, Subaru Impreza.

The perfect recipe is a rear-wheel drive, low centre of gravity, and a decently long wheelbase make it the perfect starting point for a drift car.

There will always be a Silvia in ever Drift contest and "Used tires" now make sense to you !

s14 silvia born to drift

I'm in the garage...

when you get a S14, when you are not drifting, you are in the garage. If anyone asks where you are, the answer will start like "I'm in the garage..." and gets irritated because one knows the rest of that sentence.

It takes time to fit a JDM cluster in a non-japanese plugs, and sometimes it don't match !

spending time in the garage upgrading the silvia s14

Black or Red top ?

If you start looking at the engine, there will be some mysteries with the colors, particularily with the S13 and the red or black top engine. Color code meaning is very technical (torque,straight cam,etc...) and S14 owners usually paint the valve cover, even if it's not a real redtop or blacktop : more content to the mystery !

black top or red top s14

S14 is the King of s13

The previous serieof Silvia S13 was the first S-serie to use playing cards designation Jack, Queen and King :J,Q and K for the different packages.These names are references to the face cards of English playing cards.

the S14 is based on the King package in Coupé only.

s13 king used as coupe for the s14

Buying aftermarket parts

The S14 was made between 1993 and 1998, more than 25 years ago now ! If you started drifting, there may happens to have a urge for more horsepower or changing damaged parts. You will surf on the web after every single aftermarket part (wich are always more expensive than an S13). You will also try to get JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) parts but they won't fit exactly !

 s14 aftermarket pieces

The Drift Tax

Thanks to the ‘drift tax’, prices at the moment have taken a small hike. To explain basically : all the drifters wants this car so they’re in demand so prices are going higher and higher.

drift tax

Japanese Built

All stock are in Japan, forum references are in Japan, you learn Japan concepts and assimilate Japanese Culture. You know what means "dori", "choko", "hayai", "anda", can tell the difference between a CHUKI and a KOUKI.

learning Japanese with silvia s14

Scenic Road or Highway ?

You wish you lived closer to any mountain range, you hate straight roads and beg for the crookest scenic Road available, and find any reason whatsoever to drive there if it's raining : "that's what you bought the car for" !

s14 mountains scenery road or highway


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