The Naid Dog explained with drawings and facts : The wolf-like Native American Indian Dog breed

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The incredible Wolf look-a-like dog Breed : The NAID !

If someday, you had this weird idea of having a Wolf ... you may considered having a NAID : the Native American Indian Dog ! Here are illustrated fun facts about this incredible Dog with a Wolf look

naid dog art print unique gift drawing

1. Walk your Wolf - Cool idea

The cool thing about this dog is when you are walking it outside : People who will see it passing by will say : "look at the Wolf !". But inside, it's a Dog !

1-naid dog walking your wolf pet

Having a wolf as a pet is something really hard to obtain, even if many people try with the Wolf Dog. This one is highly trainable and if well socialized, it will go along with you forever !

2-naid-dog-loyal dog will love you forever

2. The Native American Indian Dog Story

The original bloodline of the breed started 12.000 years ago and was present in North and south america.

3-naid dog bloodline started 12000 years ago in america native

It may be the missing link between the wolf and the domesticated Dog. The original breed is now extinct.

4-naid dog extinct in both americas end of genealogic tree


The original bloodline is extinct,so a bunch of dog breeders recently brought back the breed using documents, paintings and photographs to see how the breed looked like.

5-naid dog brought back using documents photography by breeders

 They tried to emulate this perfect wolf dog using the breed from Americas.

3.The NAID Dog : which breeds used for a Wolf result ?

This breed has no wolf blood in it : only 100% domesticated dog mainly coming from America.

6-naid dog is cross breed with domesticated dogs

They first crossed the Common Indian Dog and the native Coyote

7-naid dog crossed breed native coyote and common indian dog

They recrossed the base with Alaskan Malamute, Siberian Husky, German Shepherd, and Chinook   !

8-naid dog alaskan malamute siberian husky germen shepherd cross breeds

The result give this stunning wild look of Wolf !


4.The Native American Indian Dog is a Huge breed - just like a Wolf !

This dog is huge : get some stocks of food because it eats just like a hungry Wolf!
9-naid dog is huge breed eat lot of food like a wolf

And it's very intelligent as well. It will need appropriate training  : Intelligence is the native american indian dog main temperament !
10-naid dog is very intelligent need apropriate training and mental exercice
Indigenous to the whole of America, this dog was used for various tasks such as herding, guarding, tracking and hunting.


11-naid dog is a working dog used for herding guarding hunting

5.Healthy NAID, makes the dog last forever!

The breed is avery healthy one and can reach a life expectancy of 19 years.


12-naid-dog-have an incredible life span of 19 years old

6.The NAID dog is hypoallergenic

Another great fact is its hypoallergenic coat resulting in a very low shedding.


13-naid dog is hypoallergenic no hair loss clean
Except once a year, that will probably kill your vacuum cleaner.
14-naid dog will loss hait sheding kill vacuum cleaner


7.The NAID is loyal to its family !

The Native American Indian Dog is a loyal dog and is completely dedicated to it's family.

15-naid dog is loyal loving dedicated to its family glue dog

Drawback is they be known to suffer from separation anxiety : so this is something you will have to train them out !

16-nAID DOG SUFFERS FROM separation anxiety


8.The NAID Dog is not recognized (yet) by the AKC

The Native American Indian Dog is not recognized by the American Kennel Club AKC as it's a brand new breed and it needs some time to settle a breed. But it is recognized by the Native American Indian Dog Registry (NAID), the National Kennel Club (NKC) and the Dog Registry of America (DRA).

Just a matter of time before having the Naid as a standard breed !

17-naid dog not recognised yet by akc

Want a Naid dog ?

You can get the print of this breed which is available on my website with plenty more details put indide the portrait. For a Real one, you'll have to find a serious breeder !

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