The Kung Fu kick by King Eric Cantona of Manchester !

Eric cantona is certainly the most beloved Frenchman of Great Britain. I don't know why, but He loves UK ! So frenchy, a really strong temper and his famous Kung Fu Soccer way of life. Let me introduce you to this Kickin' moment.

kung fu kcik eric cantona king of manchester 7

The Crystal Palace Kick

Maybe the famous one, full flying stance inspired by Bruce Lee, The Crystal Palace Kick also know as the -Kung Fu Kick- was intended to a Crystal Palace supporter who said xenophobics content to Eric.

kung-fu-kick face cantona soccer star


Don't mess with King Eric : Defender Richard Shaw was on it's way to a series of unpunished kicks to the shin at Eric Cantona. At half - time, Eric inquired referee about a -Yellow Card-  no way.

eric cantona referee red yellow card

At 61', Shaw kicked Eric once again, and King Eric decided to make justice with a Kick back, and the referee took the Red Card for Manchester United number 7.

On it's way to the dressing room, Matthew Simmons came down to express his best sympathy to Cantona :

eric cantona crystal palace supporter eric cantona

According to the Sun, the exact words were:

‘Off you go Cantona – it’s an early bath for you!’

And the words heared that night by more reliable witnesses were :

‘Fuck off, you motherfucking French bastard.’

Cantona was boiling inside, turned green into the Incredible Hulk and Yellow like the Little Dragon and started his incredible Kung Fu Kick to answer with his right foot (Right hand traffic in France).

 eric cantona kung fu kick crystal palace

 More details about the drawing of King Eric here :

eric cantona art print kung fu kick

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