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The incredible story of Ruth Bader Ginsburg !

1.Born Joan Ruth Bader in 1933

1-joan ruth bader born brooklyn in 1933

Ruth Bader Ginsburg was born Joan Ruth Bader in 1933. when Ruth was 14 months old. Grand sister of Joan, Marylin had given a nickname to Jaon : "Kiki", as Joan was "a kicky baby".

When "Kiki" started school, Joan's Mother realised that several other girls were named Joan, so she suggested the teacher call her daughter "Ruth" to avoid confusion.

2-rgb calle ruth instead of joan at school

2.Her mother wanted Ruth Bader Ginsburg to have an education

3-rbg education library with celia mother

Celia wanted her daughter to have an education, she often taking her to the library. she thought it would allow Ruth to become an history teacher.

4-ruth bader ginsburg cornell university

As a brilliant student, Ruth was admitted to the Cornell University, and years later In enrolled at Harvard Law School.


3. "Why are you here occupying a seat that could be held by a man?"

Where she was one of only 9 women in a class of about 500 men. The Dean of Harvard Law School wanted to be sure to have Woman student with a carreer plan ahead. So, he invited all the female law students to dinner at his family home and asked the female law students, including Ginsburg, "Why are you at Harvard Law School, taking the place of a man?

5-Why are you here occupying a seat that could be held by a man rBg


The Dean didn’t have any sense that he was making the women feel uncomfortable about this !

But women took it with humour and replied :

“Dean Griswold, there are 9 number of us. here are 500 of them. What better place to find a man?"


4.Becoming the Notorious RBG

In 2013, a law student "Shana Knizhnik" started a tumblr in her honor, called the "The Notorious R.B.G.", a reference to Notorious B.I.G., the large, crowned, influent and imposing rapper.

Just as influent as Ruth Bader Ginsburg which is a 90-pound Jewish grandmoth

6-notorious rbg big tumblr 2013 origin

Her favorite famous apprel was this tee shirt with written on it : "You can't spell truth without Ruth"

"You can't spell truth without Ruth"


5.Ruth and Marty marriage based on equals

They met at Cornell University and decided to get married quickly but based on equals : she and her husband shared housework and raising their children.

One the other hand, marty learned very early that Ruth was a fairly terrible cook and unlikely to improve, he took the chief hat (becoming a supreme chief as well)

While Martin Ginsburg was working to make partner at his law firm she take care of the childrens and household, and when Ruth started to be recognized and reaching high positions, he took the family affairs in charge, keeping the house tidy , children ready for the night diner ready when Ruth was back form work. 

7-marriage based on equals marty ruth bader ginsburg

6. First in her class and Last in Job !

Ginsburg graduated at the top of her class, raising her young 14 months daughter,  and despite recommendations, she received no job offer from any law firm in New York City.

8-rbg first in class promotion harvard law school

Just because she's a woman and mother they think she wasn't qualified for the job.

9-ruth bader ginsburg struggling find a job

Ginsburg was finaly able to get a low-position as a clerkship with federal judge Edward Palmieri.

Jerry Gunther was in charge of clerkships for Columbia students and called Judge  Palmieri and said : “Give her a chance, and if she doesn’t work out, there’s a young man in her class who’s with a downtown firm, and he’ll jump in and take over. But if you won’t give her a chance, then I will never recommend another Columbia clerk to you.”

Give her a chance, and if she doesn’t work out, a young man will take over.


7.How she solved the Gender-based discrimination ?

It was written in the law, not obvious to change right ?

Determined to fight this, she adopt a very subtle strategy and the case that change her life : The case "Weinberger v. Wiesenfeld".

Instead of defending women's right, she argued in favor of Stephen Wiesenfeld :

Widow, his was denied his wife’s Social Security benefits because that money was reserved for mothers according to the social security.

10-rgb notorious case gender discrimination Stephen Wiesenfel

She won the case at the supreme court, 8 to 0, and first case of clear gender discrimination case, the door was open for women's rights gender discrimination as well !


8.Special daily workout

On a daily basis, between the alarm clock and business time, Ruth manage to make some workout to stay in shape.

Appart the offical RBG workout with her coach twice a week and lasting 1 hour, she manage to make training sessions daily that includes 10push-ups twice and 30 seconds of plank.

11-rbg workout plank and push up


9.Shinning rbg collar among the black robes

Working at the supreme court means a strict fashion apparel : the traditional judicial robes, collared shirts with ties, black and white.

Ginsburg decided to stand out the black robes with special collars, the only unrestricted apparel : She has different collars that she wears on decision days.

12-rbg fabulous collars fashion apparel for decision day
  • the a lace collar trimmed with gol, used for majority-opinion decisions
  • the mirrored bib necklace for dissenting opinion

The two collars were both gifts, from one of her former clerks. The second one is a gift from Glamour magazine.

Want more details ?

The print of Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg is available on my website with plenty more details put indide the portrait.


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