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You may have hears about CG Jung in psychology, well now you can discover more about Carl gustav Jung, the "protégé" of Sigmund Freud and one of the most influential psychologist of the last century.

Here is the biography and portrait of Carl Gustav Jung made of fun facts like a comics of his life illustrated just like a Draw my Life !

carl gustav jung biography portrait draw my life

You will discover inside :

  • how he choose between medicine and a carreer of minister of worship
  • His long relationship with Sigmund Freud until 1914
  • The secret book he wortes about his dreams
  • his dream about a furnished house, giving the "collective unconscious" concept
  • Archetypes and the Myers Briggs type personality tests

1.Illustrated Biography of Carl Gustav Jung

For thoses who don't like to read and prefer a great video to know all about Carl Gustav Jung, take a seat for 4 minutes of intricated drawings and stories !


2.Who is Carl Gustav Jung and what is Carl Jung know for ?

Karl is born in Switzerland in 1875. Introvert and lonely, he hesitates to dedicate his life between theology and medicine. He studied psychology and became Sigmund Freud's favorites !

  • Internationally renowned, celebrity clients abound in his Zurich-based analytical psychology office.
  • He founds the concept of "collective unconscious"
  • He founds thje concept of archetype
  • He defines the concept of introversion and extroversion
  • Myers Briggs type personality tests are largely inspired by Jung's archetypes

carl gustav jung psychologist

3.A great Psy gift for Carl Gustav Jung fan

If you don't know what to offer to a C G Jung fan, who allready owns plenty of books about him, you can think about a piece of Art

carl gustav jung young framed art doodle art fun facts drawing

This is plenty of anecdotes to the famous humanist psychologist and still plenty of details to discover everytime you pass near the picture, Details about Congruence, positive regard and empathy that a fan will truly appreciate and understand !

4.Carl Gustav Jung Archetypes

Carl Gustav defines the archetype concept where each central personality is modeled by 4 functions: Intuition, thought, sensations and feelings.

Jung's archetypes are numerous, we have for example the grandmother, the shadow (the unknown part of the man), the anima (the feminine part of the man), etc...

cg jung archetype drawing comics

Thus a newborn by his experiences will waver between several archetypes then once adult will face his fears and will be able to progress.

This Representation is widely used today in Myers Briggs type personality tests

 carl gustav jung myers briggs type

5.Carl Gustav Jung and the red book

As Jung did not understand his dreams or visions, he decided to start a great introversion in 1913 and wrote his dreams in a secret black book.

carl gustav jung liber novus red book

Book after books, collection grow and is compiled within a Red Book, also known as "Liber Novus". All his experiences of introspection are secretly writen down all this time and kept secret all his life and the book was only published in 2009 !

carl gustav young poster art psy gift

6.Carl Gustav Jung Vs Sigmund Freud

AfterCG Jung read a book by Sigmund Freud on the interpretation of dreams, he get closer to psychoanalysis, met Eugene bleuler then Sigmund Freud.

A long relationship will follow and will be designated as his worthy successor. until 1914 date of the rupture of ideas between freud and Jung.

carl gustav jung and sigmund freud

Freud holds as a dogma the sexual theory in psychoanalysis but Jung thinks that there is something else in addition .. a universal complex concept to discover and will found the analytical psychology.freud jung psychanalyse paychology analytical

7.More psychology stories

The biography portrait of Carl Gustav Jung is available here, and if you want more portraits, you can also see the picture of Carl rogers here :

carl rogers psychology art gift


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