Who is Pierre Emmanuel, the artist of the biography portraits ?

You've probably wondered who was behind these black and white drawings that make a portrait from a distance and are full of fun details closer. Framed or not, hung on the wall or standing on a drawers at a friend's house, here is some information about the guy who draw theses pictures !

pierre emmanuel godet dessin portrait signature

Pierre Emmanuel Signature

These are my drawings, my style and I sign them by my first name.

Pierre-Emmanuel is my first name, given by my parents thinking of the French poet Noël Mathieu. He may not be very well known but it has its place in Paris, just next to the Halles where a children's merry-go-round sits there, what could be more poetic?

I used to sign my oil paintings with my last name "Godet" not so far from "Monet", but I preferred to sign by my first name for the biographical drawings, a personal choice that allows me to contribute to the poetization of this world with my drawings !!

That said, to find my website using my first name, you will have to go through famous French "Pierre Emmanuel" people like Mr Barré and MrTaittinger who also have wonderful first names. there is a fastest way : type "Drawinside" on Google to find me !

A photo of the artist working outdoors in Barcelona.

pierre emmanuel illustrateur street art portrait encre dessin

Drawing Inside Pierre Emmanuel

If you have been given one of my portraits as a gift, you will warmly thank the person who offers it, and you will surely find a business card slipped behind the drawing in the protective pocket of the drawing.

The card is stamped with the mark "Drawinside" - portmanteau word of Drawing and Inside, which allows you to access the site containing all my drawings.

pierre emmanuel carte visite drawinside business cards

I often write a note behind the business card when shipping a package, with a quick drawing in the theme as a bonus sometimes ... followed by my fast signature.

Authenticated by Pierre Emmanuel

The signature hidden in the drawing will first let you know that it is indeed a biographical portrait drawn by me : and yes, I have already had cases of counterfeiting.

signature pierre emmanuel dessin portrait drawinside

To check if the drawing is mine, the Pierre Emmanuel signature is followed by the year and the number of the illustration out of 100 (0xx / 100) or in Open Edition (0xx / OpEd).

If there is no number, in this case we are in the presence of an original work. On the back of the drawing, there is systematically the authentication of the drawing: the name of the work followed by my first and last name, the date, the number and the signature.

If you still doubt the authenticity of the drawing, contact me and I could help you! If you want to know more about me, I invite you to read my bio to discover my journey to reach this Original art!

visit my shop boutique drawinside

And before you visit my shop, her eis a picture of the artist...

pierre emmanuel artiste illustrateur dessin biographie


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