Fun facts about the Beauceron - dog drawing cartoon illustrated

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How is it to live with a Beauceron ?

This breed seems to be a dog crossing between a Rottweiler and a German Shepherd but has it's origin in the plains of France. Here is a short description of the breed illustrated with hand drawings.

beauceron dog art print breed story inside

For thoses who don't want to read, there is a video with live drawing to understand the breed :

1 The Beauce Shepherd comes from the plains of France

The Beauceron is a french herding dog breed with origins in the center of France, this area is called "La beauce" wich give the name to the Dog.
berger de beauce france beauceron

The Beauce Area has a very caracteristic landscape : it's flat, small forest and rivers and very good lands for farmers.

Beauceron is a shepherd dog (free herding - without fences) made for this kind of landscape.

 beauceron-bas-rouge-closeup detail paper drawing

2. The Beauceron is bred to serve and protect the Farm

beauceron is a farm working dog herd and protect

In the past, Beauceron would help farmers : To Serve and protect the Farm !
Both guarding and herding sheeps, it was also very useful against wolves

defeating a wolf beauceron beat a wolf

An 18th century book mention : a daring mastiff capable of attacking and defeating a wolf on its own.


3 The Beauceron : Dew Claws caracteristics

beauceron double dew claws back hind legs caracteristics

A unique characteristic of this breed is the double dewclaws on the back legs. These are required by the breed standard as a sign of a true Beauceron. Some folks says, it goes back to the early days of the breed : it gives more grip when herding a flock of sheep.

Not only the Beauceron have this caracteristic : The Great Pyrennes and the Briard (a beauceron with long hair) (There's a french thing about double dew claws...)


4 Beauceron or Bas rouge

bas rouge red stockings beauceron

This dog is also known as Berger de Beauce or Bas Rouge wich can be translated as "red stockings". The common colors are Black and tan, black mostly on the back and the head and Tan on the legs. This dogs looks like it's wearing tanned stockings.

5 Black and Tan !

black and tan beauceron color breed

The most common color is black and tan, just like the Rottweiler and Doberman :
theses two breeds have beauceron blood in it.

6 A diligent Guard Dog

guard dog beauceron diligent guardian

This breed has deep roots as a watchdog and is a very diligent guardian of the house : always observant and listening for anything out of the ordinary.

Nobody enter the farms without passing in front of The guardian !

7 Multi purpose dog

beauceron land mine detection dog

They are used quite successfully as "land mine" detection dog or for "Search and Rescue" works.

beauceron sensitive dog family

But is although patient and protective with children, making him a great family Dog. 


intelligent dog training beauceron bas rouge

As a very intelligent dog, It needs a disciplined master who knows how to train such a dog.

beauceron un jour beauceron toujours

It's a sensitive dog wich displays an extreme sense of loyalty that illustrate the french saying :

Once a Beauceron, always a Beauceron !

beauceron bas rouge art print with details inside

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